New to nero and getting messages I don't get

My question is reguarding backing up my documents folders (adding new files) from the original to the backup cd
I have a cdrw drive and use cdrw discs
I am using nero express with incd
And I do check off multi session ,
my question is this …
I am getting a messages from nero which I don’t understand ,
I am ignoring the message and proceed and when I check out the backup disc to make sure its ok, everything is fine
Propertys shows “read only” with a check mark in it , instead of hidden or archive so I guess thats what I need it to be ?
and when I copy the backup to another partition to check it out , it’s the same except all shortcuts checked so it’s the same as the original my documents folders so the backup is fine… So what does this message all about
This is the message I don’t understand : quote
“The disc you inserted is not empty while the writing mode on your complitation is “start multi-session or “no multi session”. Please note that the information already on the disc can no longer be accessed using windows explorer , should nero proceed with writing to the disc yes or no …”
Also another related question reguarding nero what does the nero refreshed completed message mean ? does that mean I don’t have to go any furthur and don’t have to click on add finished next and burn ? Am I all thru at that point , I don’t think so so whats the point of this refresh message "25 files and 10 folders updated "

When you burn a multi-session disc, whether in Nero or any other burning program, you burn some files in the first session then add some files in the next session and so on.

But if you ask Nero to START a multi-session burn when something has already been written to the disc, then you make the files previously written inaccessible - the new files replace the files already on the disc instead of being added to those files.

The correct way is to START a multi-session on a fresh disc, and for subsequent sessions you choose to CONTINUE the multi-session disc.

When you ask Nero to Resfresh your compilation it will tell you how many files have been changed/added/deleted since the last time you saved that compilation. You still have to burn the refreshed compilation to the disc however!

I don’t know if you have nero and what version you have , if its the same as mine .
I am using nero express ( the lastest version) its nero light not nero 6.0 with copyit

Could you please explain exactly how I would go about using this method
START a multi-session on a fresh disc, and for subsequent sessions you choose to CONTINUE the multi-session disc.
I don’t see it on any of the nero screens , do I need Nero 6.0 to do this

This is how I have been backuping up ( is it wrong ?)
What I have been doing to backup my documents is the following
I point to the Copy & backup icon + to burn image to disc icon and then my documents comes up (open in blue header) and I cancel it and another screen comes up , what would you like to do ? and I choose data > disc data

And by the way in the burn screen ( allow files to be added later ) multi session disc is checked by default as is verify ……

When the my documents folders screen comes up I click add
and I do one folder at a time
also I get a message that says something like do you want to override all your files yes ,yes to all , no, no to all, and I click yes to all >
then finished> then next and then burn
I was under the impression that all the previous folders are erased and then they are reinserted again along with the lastest new files in that folder . and its all readable new files and well as the previous files overwritten and replaced as they were before being overwritten …

I’m using Nero Reloaded (the full suite), and my previous explanation of how to make a multi-session disc in Nero is for the Nero Burning ROM application. Nero Express is supposedly “easier” (not in my opinion) than Nero Burning ROM but definitely less flexible.

If you burn your discs with multi-session enabled in Nero Express it may work roughly as I explained above, but I can’t convince my Nero to work in the exact same fashion as yours, so I can’t test it accurately enough.

Using the Windows XP built-in CD Recording function may in fact be easier for you, but this is something you have to try and decide for yourself.

Ok great , thanks !
I may purchease the lastest version of nero 6.6 for 100 bucks
No I don’t like windows xp built in cd recording function its harder then nero express in my opinion , I like Nero better…