New to Nero 7

My name is Ron and I am new to using Nero 7 and audio/video editing/burning. I normally work as a “storm trooper” (insurance adjuster that only works Catastrophe losses, storms etc.) But this year there have been few storms to date so have started working doing video/audio editing again after 15 years plus, being away from it. I last did both in analog so have to start from scratch using the new digital systems.

I was wanting to know if there is a way to burn 89min to an audio CD that will still play for everyone when reproduced and sold. We (my wife is a song writer) have a music CD with 10 songs that we also wanted to add dialog to which comes to 89 min. Hard to cut out any of it. We are also trying not have have to make this a 2 cd project.

I found a link to 90 min CD’s and a way to overburn in Nero. There were instruction but I have just updated to Nero 7 Ultra and the instructions are incorrect for this version. Have they removed the process in the latest version? Can I make a reliable 90 min CD? If so how?

Thanks to everyone in advance for any assistance.


You have to make sure your burner supports burning to the larger capacity cds. If it does go into ‘expert features’ and change the minutes setting to 90 or 99 depending on what cd-r you’re using.