New (to me) 1620 acts funny :-/

the stock firmware was G7P9 or something like that
i crossflashed it to B7T9

it acted funny before though, thats why i crossflashed it

first and foremost, it doesnt report ANY PIF when i run Nero CDSpeed Disc Quality Test
reports PI and Jitter only
second, i set it to test @ 8x and it averages 1.6x
third, and i think this is not so uncommon, it burns at about the same speed whether i pick 8x, 12x, or 16x
takes about 6 mins to burn a full DVD-5

any suggestions on how to get the PIF and PO reporting working?
DMA is enabled
the disc im testing ATM is a TY T02

flashed to B7P9 and was worse
flashed to new G7Z9 and works now :slight_smile:

You need an updated cd/dvd speed available at

  • as suggested above, d/l the latest CDSpeed, extract, move to folder: Ahead/Nero Toolkit & overwrite existing version CDSpeed.

  • if a full DVD5 takes 6 minutes you are writing at 16x

I think the stock firmware must have been G7H9. Mine was manufactured in Sept 2004, and sold to me late December, and it had G7H9. This firmware was known to be unable to report PIF. When I flashed to G7P9, it reported PIF for the first time.

What version of CD-DVD Speed are you using? A new one was released a few weeks ago, and may behave differently with the various firmware, but it works correctly for me with G7P9, which should be functionally equivalent to B7P9.

G7Z9 is reported to be older than G7P9, dispite its recent release. Search for G7Z9 and you’ll find some discussion on it.

Now, 6 minutes to burn a full DVD-5 (4.7 Gbytes) is about right for 16x. In fact, you’ll find there’s an “under 6 minute” thread here for proud posters that break the 6 minute barrier. 8x should take around 10 to 12 minutes, and 4x will take about 20, give or take the walking power logic’s activity.

It’s good that G7Z9 seemed to work for you, but that may bring comments from members more experienced than I about flash problems with your eariler attempts. My one and only flash was to G7P9, and it had no problems, but others have reported that reflashing the same firmware improved results, chalking that up to a bad flash.

There’s also a lot to be said for conflicts with IDE drivers, and VSO software which installs a “patton couffin” driver that’s known to cause problems.

Now, when you said you tested at 8x and it runs at 1.6x, this is the test speed not the write speed, correct? That may be the media, but might be configuration issues. Check your burst rate to verify that’s around 23 Mbytes per second. However, for some media I’ve read and noticed that it must run slowly to read what it can. I had a few media that scanned at 0.8x, but many others reach 8x.

What surprises me is that B7P9 didn’t work well for you.

The standard questions I’m sure would be posed include:

What cable, and what position is the drive in, and what is it sharing with, if anything?

Was media in the drive during the flash?

Did you flash in safe mode?

What media are you using?

What software are you using to burn?

I think you might be right


OMFG :bow:
I just burned my first disc after flashing to Phillips 1640P 3.0
burned at 12x and that puppy finished in 3 minutes :eek:

That is correct
this is what i based my accusation that B7P9 was worse than B7T9 on
B7P9 ran slower and gave me more PIE’s than the latter
however, G7Z9 and 1640P 3.0 did not give me this problem

BTW, what does this mean?

did the pic upload?

  • a buggered disk. Try a transfer test - it will probably fail at the same point.

. . . the very high Jitter figures would tend to suggest this is fake TY02 - the real thing has figures in a 1620 around 10% average

this is a 50 pk cake box of TDK i bought from Best Buy and package said they were made in Japan

  • try another burn [at 8x] & see whether the scan is respectable. If it is; BenQ have a tool called Qscan for checking disk quality: perhaps worth running a sample of this spindle through it if they seem to vary.

If you keep on seeing high Jitter figures with this & other respectable media - RMA the drive: that would be a symptom of iffy mechanicals.

i know why it gave me that error…

i didnt eject the disc and re-inject it to test it
the iso i burned isnt a full DVD-5 (1653 MB instead of 4482 MB)
thats why it only took 3 mins :-/
i feel like an ass :frowning:

thx very very much for that invaluable advice :iagree:
i would never have known otherwise

  • (heh) genuine TY T02 all right . . . . but probably on the borderline for 16x quality burns: perhaps you might post a scan of this exact piece of media w/ a test-burn at 16x?

too late, sorry :frowning:
right after i copied the capture to PSP, i used the disc for a burn

im gonna try the G7Z9 FW again, i can hear this thing spinning
sounds like an unbalanced washing machine

  • 16xx series drives are famously quiet. This is not a good sign - & given the repeated high Jitter figures, I would return the drive.

i will follow youre advice had good ratings, hope i have no problem with this RMA
it is a refurbished drive

  • a refurbished drive? . . . hmm

  • a typical scan (of the cheapest avalable MCC 03 at 8x in a Philips 1640 flashed to EW1621 f/w) would show these sort of Jitter figures - & this drive, like my other 1640, is near-silent: