New to Liteon 5005



I just purchased a Liteon 5005. And I have several questions (thank you in advance for any answers)

  1. The firmware upgrade for 3 hour recording/macrovision – is this to allow the coping of DVD’s and VHS that are copy write protected?

  2. Is it possible to use another 5005 as a DVD player and run firewire out of it to copy DVD’s

  3. Can you copy a DVD’s so they will be exactly as the master (chapters).

Thank you,


point 1 macrovison - with the hacked version of firmware it should allow the recording of copy protected material.

point 2 the firewire is input only - but you could link via AV outputs and inputs (A) or (D) versions or via scart (B) version

point 3 the best way would be to use a DVD burner in a pc which is two fold really one it will make an exact copy word for word and two you don’t have to sit and watch the movie for an hour or so and finnaly the pc will do a check on the contents to make sure they match if you were to set up the recorder and player skiped it would copy the skip.

hope this helps in some ways


WOuld you know why, when my Liteon 5101 burns on a Memorex DVD +RW discs I can play it back only on the Liteon 5101 player and not in any other DVD player or the PC?
I don’t have a similar problem with SOny or TDK DVD +RW - they play back everywhere.


I haven’t come across the problem of it just not reading one make of disk, but according to what is said by Liteon the only disks which can be recorded to and used like a video would be are the +rw disks,

you would know if they were a different type because it would come up at the bottom of the screen something like “this disk needs to be finalised to be read in anouther player”

maybe a firmware upgrade may solve the comaptibility problem