New to Lightscribe

Hi Guys,

I have primarily been a Pioneer DVD Burner Man and am happy with my old 109.

I have just set up a recording studio for my wife and when we start producing CD’s I would like to label them. I’m not a huge fan of Inkjet printable and I don’t want the added expense of another printer.

Is Lightscribe as good as it says and does it work or a gimmick.

Are these ASUS 1814BLT burners any good compared to Pioneer DVR-212D



What should a Pio212 have to do with Lightscribe?? :confused:

In terms of normal burn quality!

It was common knowledge that Pioneer burners had a better burn quality.

So, I’m thinking of going to an ASUS Lightscribe burner. But not if the burn quality is crap eg:- too many coasters.

You’ll spend more money on Lightscribe, in the long run, than you would on inkjet. If you’re “producing” CDs for sale, you should consider thermal printing as it has the most professional appearance. Lightscribe just looks cheesy IMHO.

I own both, one a ASUS DVDROM and Pioneer Burner. I would say if the lightscribe costs more money then I would skip lightscribe, but lately I have seen all lightscribe burners from all brands coming down in price so just remember that the media for Lightscribe drives are way over priced even when on sale and like the previous post stated I would also go with the seperate labels and print them on your printer.

lightscribe is just a useless gimmick (well, thats what I think :))

Maybe but as for keep scates, the lightscribe disk will not fade or rub away with use. They seem more durable. But as for no color, is why I won’t pay the extra cash for them.

Burn quality (read quality over time and avg coasters made)

ASUS 1814BLT vs Pioneer DVR-212D???