New To Kprobe: Is this a good or bad scan?

I’ve just started to learn all about “patching” DVD/RW drives. I’ve Omnipatched my 812S to an 832S VS0A with all checkboxes checked. My only 8x burn on 4x packaged media was to a Maxell branded RICOHJPNR01 disc.

Could someone please comment on this Kprobe scan as I am new to using it. Would this scan be considered bad, mediocre, good, excellent? Thanks for your time.

I am by no means an expert, but the rule of thumb I believe is to look for a PI max value of less than 280 and a PIF max value of less than 4. Since you have a 5 for PIF, technically it’s not considered a good scan, at least from what I’ve read.


That disc is almost perfect. I get same results from my ricoh medias. Certainly, ricoh is the best manufacturer of dvd+r atm.


also if its just spikes it might be nothing to wory
you will need to play it and make sure

Ricoh ain’t the best. And Ricoh’s also rather variable in quality, as I’ve myself dealt with bad Ricoh batches before. The best +R is (and always has been) Taiyo Yuden. And at $0.76 each, they aren’t expensive, either. :wink:

hehe Code

Well sorry to hear that :(. Havent had any problems with ricoh medias so I cant really say anything bad. Maybe I should have added "best manufacturer of available hq medias, because TY discs arent well spread as the ricohs (europe).


but to answer your question yes that looks like a good scan. you generally can ignore single spikes…right click on graph and use remove highest point to get rid of them.

Thanks for your replies guys!


Agree with you ronallan22. :iagree: :iagree:

From where I live, TY discs are difficult to get and they cost a fortune (~ US$2 per disc). I can get RICOHJPNR01 (under the brand of Imation) for ~ US$0.9 per disc in packs of 25. It is probably not cheap by US or Europe standard, but is about the best quality/price ratio disc I can get over here.


Yes, that’s a great scan. :slight_smile: :wink:

Ricoh is not a large manufacturer of DVD+R media. Even though the media you buy sometimes have Ricoh ID, that does not necessarily mean they are manufactured by Ricoh. Ritek makes most or all of them. It may sound strange but Ritek sells their own RiData media with Ritek’s own IDs while shipping the OEM media with Ricoh’s ricohjpnr01 and ricohjpnr02 IDs. It’s misleading and even deceptive because it’s not Ricoh and not made in Japan.

Ritek does it to sell more media at higher prices which has helped Ritek stock prices at Taiwan skyrocket recently. The succes story is known widely in the industry.

It doesn’t have to be Taiyo Yuden if you can get ricohjpnr01/02 media at under half the cost of t01/t02 (respectively.) Meanwhile, it might be just that the market in Europe is rather slowly responding due to some inefficiencies. If you can, visit Lite-On IT’s headquarter in Taiwan. You’ll find out they are now importing Taiyo Yuden DVD recordable media instead of Ritek or CMC Magnetics media to bundle in their products. Because Lite-On thinks just like I do. However, the 4x DVD-R bundled media are still Ritek G04, unfortunately. I’d like one more T02 instead of that.

Hi Civuck,

Here are my opinions of a good Kprobe scan:

  1. PI peaks 15 and under (yours is 9) are EXCELLENT.

  2. Single PIF spikes are generally considered to be OK, althought that’s perhaps open to debate. Often they occur at the points where the drive shifts speed from 4X to 6X and from 6X to 8X (typically at 10% of the burn and 35% of the burn for a full disc). Perhaps the LiteOn chipset is not up to better. Peaks of 4 and under are very good. A peak value of 2 is excellent.

  3. PIF error counts under 500 are excellent (yours in 495).

All in all this looks like a pretty good burn to me!


The F in PIF is for failture. I had to read your 3. to realize you meant PIF instead of PI and PI instead of PIF. :slight_smile:

PIF average of 0.00 is the best! (How innocent to say this.)

Once again, I appreciate everyone’s reply to my original post.

You guys have an excellent forum here and I am very happy to have found it!



i can show you two ricohjpnr01 's with identical mid codes and completly different results…the ones from TDK burn excellent and the ones sold as khypermedia burn average…to me its alot like riteks never know what your going to get.