New to interpreting Burn Results, could you help me? (1673S)

Hi All-

I’ve searched and looked through the forums, perhaps in the wrong place, but i can’t find info on how to interpret my scan results. The drive is a 1673S with JS05. DVDs are DVD-R 16x Verbatim (MCC). Here are two sets of results.

The first burn (first 3 images) is of a copy of a badly scratched disc originally made by a settop DVD Recorder (my brothers). The original image fits on a DVD5 disc without compression. The Max burn speed in DVDDecrypter was left at “MAX” and as mentioned, I used DVDD to rip and burn the image.

The second burn (last 2 images) is of a clean disc of my daughter’s. I wanted to make a backup so she wouldn’t destroy the original when she plays it. It’s a DL image. I ripped with DVDD and burned with Roxio (Roxio managed the compression). I limited the burn speed to 8x on this burn.

Thanks for the help and pointers on how to read this, and if it’s bad, how to improve it. :slight_smile:

Those burns arent that bad, PIF on the last disc is overly high, though. PIF < 4 and PIE <280. Those two indicators tell you if a disc is a good quality disc or not.

Thank you. So you look at the max PIE and PIF, not the average then? And why is it so scattered? I’ve seen some burns from others that are fairly consistent throughout the test, mine seem all over.

Also, what does that Green line through the quality test tell me? Doesn’t seem to follow the trend of the results.

Is there a place you know of that I can read up on how to use this data ro achieve better burns? Should I reduce burn speed, for example? Does one software program do a better job than others, or is it strictly media quality? I bought Verbatim, as it was rated very well.

Thanks again.

Dont listen to him. Both of these burns are amazing. For those used to great burns, average PIE levels could seem a bit guy, but from my experience, they always are higher on -R burns. What counts most, is the average PIF - which is very good! You can safely ignore that single spike, for it’s just a reading glitch and nothing to worry about.

That green line is read speed.

If you want to improve your burning speed, you’ll find the best way to do that is to switch to +R media.

Good luck.

Your disc is still ranked as good.

Green line is the reading speed, in this forum, we use 4x scanning speed only. You should rescan your disc :slight_smile:

Since 1673s will “learn” the disc, you need to try 4 burns of the same media to see the trend of the average PIE and PIF. Usually, you can get a little bit better result with lower speed. But 1673s can burn disc great, I would rather save some time.

Anyway, you should rescan your disc in 4x speed first.

Very helpful, thanks guys. I was concerned that since it was all over the place, that it wasn’t consistent, and therefore, not good. When I burned the first disc without limiting the burn speed, it burned at about 11x, which I thought was pretty good for a 16x disc. I haven’t tweaked anything in the firmware with omnipatcher, not the speeds, not the read speed, etc. This is really stock.

So what are the thresholds to use for PIE and PIF? How do you know if a burn is considered good or not, without having the knowledge you guys do? :bow:

Basicly, PIF shouldnt be above 4 for extended periods (though it’s not exactly true, but if you want a “perfect” burn it should follow this), and PIE shouldnt be above 280 (same applies). Generally, speed scan is a pretty good indicator of how good disc can be read.

Ahhhh, Extended periods. Oops. sorry. I stand corrected.