New to HD

I am tired of using a crappy 13" for playing Xbox 360 games on, its just not right.

I am considering buying a nice HD tv that is not too expensive, after a bit of searching I found this:

Is it any good? If it is not any other suggestions?

I’m aiming for a tv that is HD, 26-28" (Limited space), LCD, and not too expensive. Thanks!

Specs sound ok, but

Response time (in ms) 8

and 720p max res…

The best picture for games is still the good old CRT.

It’s good, I would recommend you to reconsider 32" since you get so much more for the money.

I agree 32" or 37" T.V.'s are okay for H.D. but just remember
video games in H.D. generalley look pretty cool .
Good Luck ZAP.