New to HD... Please Help!



I just got a new Sony 32" LCD TV and have a couple of questions/problems :confused:

I have a very simple over the air setup… A cable from a VHF antenna, and a cable from a UHF antenna come into the house, are connected to a combiner, the output of which goes into the one and only antenna input on the TV.

  1. While the VHF channels are received on the correct channel numbers on the TV, the UHF analog channels come in on higher number channels than they broadcast on. e.g. Channel 28 comes in on 79 on the TV, 30 on 81 etc. What is going on?

  2. On a clear day, I can see the Los Angeles antenna farm located on Mt. Wilson from my door step. I get strong reception on a dozen or more UHF (analog) channels. But, the TV has been unable to locate any digital channels. What can the problem be?

Thanks for any help you can give me :bow:


Quit looking! I found it myself :bigsmile: .The set was in “cable mode”. Once I switched it out of “cable mode” all my problems went away. I had a clue it was something like that, since my old tv had a “cable mode” switch, but I couldn’t find one on the new set… it was an on-line setting. I spent hours trying to figure it out :sad:, talked to 3 people at the Sony help desk, and those idiots didn’t have a clue :a. Well, I’m a happy camper now, with tons of over the air digital signals. And the UHF analog stations allocated correctly (though since they are all OTA HiDef, I doubt I’ll ever look at them. :clap: :bigsmile: