New to forum. Problems with FabDVD


I am trying to copy a DVD from Total Training, which I own. My FABDVD program acts like a DVD has not been installed. I just downloaded the FabDVD plantimum. Is there now a charge for this?

I also get a pop up that my DLA is not supported or something to that effect. I have Nero 7 Ultra Edition.

Any Ideas

s morton

I also have Sonic DLA apparently. Could this play into my problem?


s morton

Hi S Morton and welcome to cdfreaks,

I’ll try to answer your questions in order…

  1. Platinum is available as a free 30 day trial. This application is identical to and is the same download as the retail version…the difference is that the trial period and use of the program expires after 30 days.
    Beta and final versions can be downloaded from this forum, posted as a sticky at/near the top by Fengtao:
    DVDFab Platinum Beta
    Final versions are also available on Fengtao’s home site:

So no, there is no charge or financial obligation during the 30 day trial.

2.Sonic is problematic for many users with other burning software including Fab.
Some users don’t experience a problem.
Frankly, I’d dump it. You won’t need it and you can always reinstall it.

Your problem is very likely driver/access layer conflicts.

What OS are you using…Vista, XP?

If you could provide some details as to your system and what exactly happens when
"…My FABDVD program acts like a DVD has not been installed…"
and post a screenshot it would help us nail down specific advice for you.


I appear to have Sonic and Nero Ultra Version 7. The three jpegs are screen shots of what is happening. This only appears to occur with the Total Training DVDs. I can copy other DVDs.

That you for any imput you have offer.

S Morton

By the Way, I am using XP, not Vista.

Thanks again.s morton

Wow, can anyone help?

Despair setting in.

S morton

Shut down all other programs before you run DVDfab. That includes your virus protection and even disabling your screen saver. Too many DVD burning problems are caused by other junk running in the background.