New to forum, looking for burner advice

Hi everyone, im new here and looking for some opinions on burners. I just bought a sony dru-820a. Its still in the package and before i open it i just wanted to know if i should keep it or search for something else. I bought it because some friends who seem to know what they are talking about recommended it, and it seems to have it all, but after reading some reviews by CD Freaks it appears there are some other good options in the same price range.

I generally like to burn movies, and custom dvd projects from roxio creator. i have had playback problems in the past with my old burner (sonys 530a i think im not at home right now), so i was a little sketchy going back to sony but friends have told me they have improved since then.

any advice you might have could save me a lot of frustration. Thanks in advance for your opinion or advice.

No I don’t think Sony has improved at all! If judging by the amount of problems people are having with the Sony if anything it has got worse. IF you are looking for a good solid burner you should look at the Pioneer 111, Lite-On 165P6S and BenQ 1650. Any of those burners will save you a lot of Frustration. :slight_smile:

The Sony is probably a re-badged Lite-on which isn’t a bad burner. But, because it’s has Sony’s name on it you prbably paid too much. If you look at the BenQ 1650 or the NEC 3550 at you’ll see you can get a very good burner and save alot of money. If you need burning software don’t buy the OEM versions because they don’t come with software.

Thanks for the input… I sat around waiting for replys last night and… well i couldnt leave it in the box any longer, i had to test it out and see how it worked… so far no problems… DL’s and Single Layers burned smoothly and pretty fast…and no coasters yet!! I’ll be sure to post any problems as they come up… hopefully not too many!
Thanks again guys… and sikoone it wasnt too badly priced @ $65… but i will be sure to look at newegg from now on there prices are great…thanks