New to DVDs (sorry for very beginners level questions)

I am sorry that I am asking such beginner level questions. But I could not find anyother way to clear so many confusions.

I just bought a NEC 3520 and I am completely new to DVDs. I want to burn y data that I have on my hard disk to DVDs. I also want to copy movie DVDs on my hard disk, and also to burn DVD movies on DVDs. But I dont know what to do, how to do.
As I searched the forums, I came to know that Verbatim is making best DVDs. So I got answer of one question. But there are many more:

  1. Which one I should buy, DVD-R or DVD+R?

  2. What speed? NEC 3520 supports 16x. But I did not see 16x anywhere in shops. Only 4x or 8x are available. Which one I should buy?

  3. I want to copy DVD movies on my hard disk. Somewhere I read about DVD Decrypter. But as I tried it, it copies whole DVD movie on hard disk. But I want it in compressed form. I have seen people watching ripped movies of 800-900 MB, in .avi formats. How can I do it?

  4. I read some where that it is good to update the firmware to get higher speeds (I read somewhere that in order to get 16x speed, firmware update is must required). Should I update my firmware?

  5. I want to burn lots of data that is on my PC. Can I use double layer DVDs?
    Will there be any problem with them?

  6. I want to burn DVD movies on DVDs. What is its method? Do I need to DVD-drives for it? Which software I need for it?

Please help me about these questions. I know the questions are very basic level. Plz dont mind it.

use dvd shirink to rip 2 ur hardrive

you should be able to buy 16X. Look at newegg if in USA, and Ketta if UK

Yes, update ur firmware

Hmmm…Either + or - should do. Wait for some other people to reply

use nero to burn

u should b able to use dual layer dvd’s with no probs, but it will take longer to burn

@Furgaan. Do you want more post or something?? Don’t you know numbers!

  1. I should choose for +. 'cause i had some problems with -
  2. There are already 16x dvd’s. But they pretty new. So to be sure choose 8x or something.
  3. To make your dvd’s .avi you have to do a lot more, search on the forum. But to compress your dvd use dvd shrink. So first DVD Decrypter to backup the movie to your HD and than use DVD shrink to compress them. Make sure that the quality is about 70%. For instance you can delete Extra’s etc.
  4. Yes, make sure that you have the latest Firmware. You can find firmware on the page of Nec. or something…
  5. Yes, the NEC 3520 supports dual layers. But there are a bit expensive. I prefer single layers.
  6. You just need 1 dvd drive. Your NEC 3520. First use DVD Decrypter to rip it. Than compress it with DVD Shrink. Than burn the files with nero or DVD Shrink.

If you have anymore questions just post them! Or PM me.

make a search…

Thank you very very much both furqaan and MRCloner. I got answers of many questions.
If I burn a DVD movie on either DVD+ or -, will it play on standard DVD players?

Some DVD players prefer -r, and some +r. If you have bitsetting ability, the best way is to use +r and bitset to -ROM. As far as the instructions others gave you for copying dvd’s. the fastest, easiest way, is to use DVDSHRINK first, and it will start DVDCRYPTER automatically, and burn your DVD. From start to finish, this is a very quick and easy method. Use that method for straight copies.

Thank you harley2ride. But I dont know how to check whether my writer has bitsetting option or not, and how to set it. Plz guide me how to do it.

Although many on here use +R for movies, my standalones and one built into the daughters tv refuse to play them. They might work if bitset but I don’t have the capabilities for that.
So for me -R it always is.

As regards D/L dvds for back up, it isn’t very cost effective yet so unless you have money to burn (literally) stick to single layer.

Either check this forum for your particular burner and see if there is a bitsetting utility, try to bitset with DVDCRYPTER, or google search your drive and bitsetting. I know that the NEC3500 can bitset, but not sure about yours.