New to DVDR/rw liteon 1633s06c need some help

hey, so i just got the drive i said in the topic, and then came here and found out its not so great, but it seems that firmware updates can help, so what is the best firmware for this drive? i have tried searching for these things but the lingo is what is throwing me off. then after changing, how to a see how well it is burning? as for the media i have, verbatim datalifeplus 8x DVD-r’s shiny top. after updates, could anyone point me in the right direction for info on backing up my DVD’s. thanks

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It’s a toss up between 2 1633S firmwares (BS0S, BS41) and one 1653S firmware (CS0C). I’d probably say run with BS41 to start with (CS0C needs to be crossflash patched and will void your warranty). It uses CAV for DVD-R whereas BS0S uses Z-CLV. You will find all of these firmwares on my site with modded flashers so you can swap between these version. I’d also suggest you get some +R media line Verbatim 16x +R (MCC004) and use the bitsetting feature if you want to backup video. :wink:

DVD Shrink or DVD Decryptor (or both, DVD Shrink needs Nero or DVD Decryptor to burn), are a couple of good choices for backing up DVD movies. If you have some spare cash, I would recommend Elby CloneDVD2 along with SlySoft AnyDVD.

it’s “SlySoft AnyDVD” :slight_smile:

ok one more question.
i have like 50 or so divx movies in the 600-800 meg range, and if possible id like to take them and put 2 or 3, on a DVD (so that you can watch them in a dvd player) and either make it so there is a simple menu to choose which to watch, or just make each a seperate chapter i guess, so you could just hit skip and go to the next movie if you were using a normal DVD player. this may be more effort than what its worth though, can someone let me know?

you can easily make menus with nero. just check the menu box in the first window.

Hehe, thanks, it was 2:00AM and I was brainwashed by the programs icon. :wink:

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