New to dvd coping

I am sure this gets asked all the time but I would like to copy all my dvd’s never done this I have a plextor dvd RW just wondering what software I need I have roxio suite 9, do I need DVDFab, DVDidle, should I copy to double layer blank disc. thanks confused with so much software out there

Well you can copy to a DL disc if you’d like, this will retain the exact quality of the original disc. However, discs are more expensive, it’s trickier to get a good burn, and Verbatim is basically the only option worth using (CMC is good with some burners but it can be very dependant on the burner). For a DL copy, just use DVD Decrypter (not DVDFab Decrypter), ‘Mode-ISO-Read’ will copy the disc to your hard drive, ‘Mode-ISO-Write’ will write the disc. Some of the new DVDs released in the last year or so will need something else like RipIt4Me to be copied because of their newer copyright protection.

What I would suggest is compressing them to fit to a Single Layer DVD. Rip the DVD to your hard drive with RipIt4Me. When it’s done you can shrink it using DVD Shrink, and when you click the ‘backup’ button in DVD Shrink select to output as an .ISO image. Then burn it with ImgBurn (or DVD Decrypter, which is basically an older version of ImgBurn).

Thank you for the response, So you say I can burn to a single layer disc, it will fit, do I need to get rid of extra stuff other than just movie I would like to do this anyway, so all I need to do all this is ripit4me and dvd shrink and I will be set you do not think roxio will help and should I eliminate the things on windows xp before I start like the forum suggests, thanks p.s. what don’t you like DVDFab its talked alot on these forums thanks again

If you want just the movie, rip the disc with RipIt4Me, then open that in DVD Shrink and click on the ‘Re-author’ button. Find the main movie on the right side of the screen and drag and drop it into the left side. Then back that up, it will be the movie only with no extras, menus, etc. You’ll probably also want to uncheck the boxes for any foreign language tracks that will take up extra space. If it needs to, it will shrink it to fit to a SL disc.

Regarding DVDFab, nothing against it, RipIt4Me just creates cleaner/more compliant rips, DVD Shrink is free and is a better transcoder. I have used DVDFab Decrypter a few times but prefer RipIt4Me.

Thanks again, well I dowloaded DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, Fix VTS and Ripit4me, next step to buy media mabey set up drives? I have a Lite On SHW-160P6S dual layer burner and a plextor plexwriter PX-230A 52xCD/RW. One for DVD’s one for CD’s (do I need special software for burning CD’s?). Well next I am going to buy blank media TAIYO YUDEN and verbatim I think are the best. azo coating the best, should I buy 8x or 16x single layer? dvd-R or DVD+R? cdr 52X or 48X confusing. I hope I can figure all this out. thanks

These recommended programs are very good ones but if you have not done any copying work before and this would be your first try then just start with DVDShrink to rip, encode and shrink the file (DVD Movie) in your hard drive and then use Nero Burning ROM to burn the ripped file from your hard drive to your empty DVD media.

  1. DVD Shrink will not rip many DVDs released in the last 12 months or so, those discs will require an updated ripping program such as RipIt4Me.
  2. He never said he had Nero Burning ROM - just output from DVD Shrink as an ISO Image, then burn with ImgBurn (or DVD Decrypter).

can I use roxio for any of this

If it supports DVD Burning, properly supports your DVD Burner, then yes you can burn the output from DVD Shrink. ImgBurn is easier to use and better IMO though. ‘Mode-ISO-Burn’, choose your burn speed, and burn. It’s the best program available for simply burning an ISO image.

Try getting hold of [COLOR=Red]DVD43 (DVD for free), it sits in the background and when you put a copyrighted DVD in to your drive it removes the protection from it. With DVD43 running you can then use DVDShrink to rip the Disk as an ISO file and DVD Decryptor to write it to a blank single layer DVD[/COLOR]. :cool:

I used to use DVD43 but don’t much anymore since it’s not being updated for quite some time to handle newer copyright protections. RipIt4Me, AnyDVD, and DVDFab Decrypter are all being kept up to date with the latest protections, RipIt4Me being the favorite for a few reasons (cleanest rips, freeware, etc).

  1. So far except for two or 3 Sony Movie I have not have a single case that DVD Shrink @ its present form not been able to rip with %90 of time using Shrink for ripping.

  2. Some sort of Nero always or most of the time comes with drive people buy therefore that is good enough and adequate to be used in conjunction with DVDShrink for burning the ripped file.

For the beginners with no experiences of copying the combination of DVDShrink and Nero is the easiest to use.

Hi ,new to the site, wondered if anyone could help, I have downloaded dvd shrink and decryptor,already have nero,I have loaded a dvd to the hard drive and used re author to select film only, how do I now burn to a disc?.sorry for seeming thick.

Uncheck any foreign language tracks if any exist to save space, then click the backup button and select to output as an ISO Image and burn with DVD Decrypter.

I would actually choose the option ‘output as an ISO Image’, then when it’s done start DVD Decrypter so that you can select the appropriate burn speed. Just as a general rule, if you have 8x media select 8x, if it’s 16x media I’d suggest 8x or 12x.

After authoring with DVDShrink when you click backup button on DVDShrink to start rip, encode or shrink the file in your hard drive at the end of this process DVDShrink automatically activates Nero and then burning will start with no action on your part.