New to dvd burning

im new to the dvd burning world, anyone have any good ideas for programs to use when burning dvds and what not?

is it possible to burn a bunch of music videos onto a dvd for viewing on a typical dvd player? a program where u can setup to view different mpegs with a menu or sumthing?

To play a DVD on a standalone player you need a DVD authoring software.

A good DVD author software is DVD lab pro.
Another software is TSUNAMI MPEG DVD Author

right now i have nero, power dvd and im getting ULEAD DVD Movie Factory 4.0…will this cover all my needs?

Never used ulead soft, but should be a good choice. Taking a look at Ulead website give, it seems good to me. Perhaps tsunami is more user-friendly, but this is matter of personal choice.

Depending on if your ver of nero is a full version or an oem (and if oem, what programs are included), you can do it with nero. Open start smart and look for the “make your own dvd-video” icon. Click add video files and add your files. It can convert most file types to dvd compliant mpeg2 (may need to install codec etc. for some file types). Go through the various steps (they are pretty easy to figure out, if not, let me know and I will find you a guide) and it will let you make simple menues and stuff. Heres a hint, you can download aditional templates free from nero to give a lot more options to the look of the menu, but you can also use stills or even clips from the video for the butons and or background.
Fyi, this makes a standard dvd video. If you have mpeg1/2 files, some dvd players can play mpeg from a data disk (not menus but might work if you are planning on putting a lot of small files on one disk). You might want to see if your dvd players can do it. Some will even do avi’s and stuff but not most.

What is wrong with ULEAD software? I use Studio 7 quite often for simple home movie stuff, and it works great. I also use Premiere, and Vegas Video, and the difference in quality between the Ulead and the others is slight.

Sorry, I wasn’t saying that ulead is a bad software, but only that I never used it and that I find tmpgenc very simple to use. :slight_smile: