New to DVD burning

Thanks to everyone who helped me with my last post. Now the question is, what is the best DVD-R to burn. I go by Best Buy in the USA, every week since they have new sales every Sunday. I have used both Sony DVD-R 8X, and Memorex DVD-R 8X. Both I bought at US$19.99. But what about Verbatim, Supermedia, Ritec, Prodisk, Princo, Philips, Optodisk, Linkyo, Taiyo Yuden. It seems only Memorex, Verbatim, Sony, and Philips are on sale. So which would be the best of those four? Thanks Forum

I would not recommend buying media at Best Buy unless they have Fujifilm “Made in Japan” in stock – those will be Taiyo Yuden. Everything else in my local Best Buy is made in Taiwan or India. I’d recommend buying on-line. I recenly bought from and was happy with the shipping, prices and selection.