New to DVD Burning

just bought an HP media center with a Phillips DVD8421 Dual Layer Burner, with InterVideo WinDVD Creator , and Record Now! copying programs , was hoping to be able to back up DVD’s with this system , but keep getting the copy protection notice , thinking of purchasing either CloneDVD or DVD2One copy programs , do these have the same copy protection problems , or can it be by passed

p.s. managed to make a copy of the DVD files to my hard drive , but the playback was very bad , skips and lots of digital squares , this was played from the hard drive , I never put it on a disc because of the poor quality

hope this is enough info , hope to hear from some one that can help

Any + Clone DVD are the most idiotproof (no pun intended) apps around but, of course not free. DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink are freeware and all these apps will bypass any CSS/CPPm/ARccOS protections. There are plenty of threads on this forum explaining how to use them.

managed to make a copy of the DVD files to my hard drive , but the playback was very bad
This is the intention of Copy protection.


I use a combination of AnyDVD and a cheapo - but full featured version of InterVideo DVD Copy ($11 from ) and get excellent results with just one mouse click - have always been able to copy up to a 9.4gb movie onto one 4.7gb disc-and the burned disc pops out in about 40 minutes-

Happy Burnin’


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And we wonder why versions take longer and longer to come out, @bmfspeed: I hope your HDD is infected, and your credit card number is up for grabs.

All you need is . .