New to dvd burning needs lots of help PLEASE!

I am an all new person to this DVD burning thing for my computer and I have decided I really want to burn some dvd’s. Can someone please help me on what kind of Burner to buy for my computer? I owuld like to get a external one also.

Also what else would I need to download to just simply burn my store bought dvd’s to a back up dvd?

I have been through alot of sites and they are all confusing me!

Tell me in steps please what i would need in addition to the burner to do this.

TY for your time ppl.


ty everyone fo rjust ignoring my stupid questions!

Be patient grasshopper

you have to give people time her…seeing as this site has many people from different regions…With an attitude like that and expecting people to help you right away will not give you much help…

First you need burner…then you should think about flashing firmware so you dont have to much of a compatabilty issue…the biggest problem with backing up dvd’s are cheap media…the media i use are ridata which can be bought here but there are different media TY’s are good but like all media there are some out there that say they are one thing and not

There are many programs that you can use …nero…dvd shrink…dvd decryptor…clone dvd…and i can keep going with many different programs

I use dvd shrink and dvd decryptor together which is freeware and can be downloaded here under downloads you will have to scroll down a little and look for them…

Sometimes there are issues and i use other programs to…I have dvd shrink and decryptor which i use 99% of the time but if issues occur i uce alcohol 120% or clonedvd2 with anydvd…like i said there are many ways to go about it…

with shrink and decryptor .You want to open up shrink and then click open files and when browser window comes up pick the drive in which the original is in and from there it will analyse depending on spedd it should take around 2 minutes(also depends on size of movie) After the movie analyzes you will need to hit the back up button and from there if you have current version you will want to tell it to make iso and burn with decryptor(or nero your choice on which one you use or have) and tell it a destination folder(when it encodes it has to store to hdd temp folder first then it will burn) once you pick destination click ok and sit back and wait

As far as how long it take i cant tell you cause it all depends on what you have(system/burner)…it only takes me at most 1 hour

You may also run into an issue to where some movies are dvd-9 format and if you only get a single layer burner and it wont compress enough for one disk you will need to reauthor which is another story

Hope that help and for future reference try to look here first. ther are alot of threads on this forum that you can look through and that could have answered you questions and then what ever you didnt understand from there you coulds have asked about

hope this helps and maybe someone could add more if you give them time

Liteon or NEC burners are a good choice. Check on Newegg to get one. Buy an internal version and get an external enclosure for about $30, it will save you some money.

I disagee on the Lite-On. Pioneer and NEC would be my recommendation. The Lite-Ons are just too picky for the average user.

Well at any rate I would stay away from the SOHW-1213s, that drive has so many problems its not even funny :eek: I do like my 832 very much, my NEC 3500A is great too, A little slower at 8x, but a little better write quality, a good trade off in my opinion.

OK ty u all for the tips…I was looking at a HP 420VE writer are those any good?

In what cases would the dvd i wanna burn be a dvd9 and i need to reauthor? (whatever that is and how would I do that)?

Thanks alot guys and im sorry for being impatient earlier!


dvd9 means that the original dvd is 8+ gig in size. large movies, movies with tons of extras, alot of them are dvd9. Re-authoring is using a program like dvdshrink, to discard un-needed / un-wanted items from your project before you burn…such as extra languages, bonus features you don’t need…etc to make your burn fit on a sigle 4.7gig disk.

If you give dvdshrink a spin…it’s pretty straight forward, can’t say I’ve tried many other applications for this, there is a good tutorial, an actual step by step ripping and reauthoring pirates of the carrebian on You can download the app right off that site, read the tutorial, and you should be good to make a few practice disks…:slight_smile:

ok kewl

UMMM i really need some good adive on what kind of EXTERNAL dvd burners i should look at to buy.

My price range is no more than 150 to 200 dallors. I really dont wanna do the internal then buy the casing thing.



Are those HP any good for burners?

First off, you can quit with the “hijacking of threads” and make you own to ask your question.

Second, the search button can and will be your best friend. Believe me, if you have thought of a question, it has been asked on the forums about 5.45674 times and replied to more times than I can imagine.


To the original poster of this thread…:slight_smile:

If your not really game to build your own…( no disrespect, it’s not that hard, but niether is flying a plane if you know how to do it already…;))

what you really need to do is forget about brand name and research what actual drives are good…and what ones are shit.

ok, you go to abc electronics…they have an external burner, be it hp, mad dog…whatever in your price range…fine…ask what drive/find out what drive is in that enclosure…thats how you make that decision…:slight_smile:

Plextor is a pretty safe bet by brand name if thats all your going to go by…but man, you could do better cheaper if your not hard core…:slight_smile:

I wouldn’t trust HP for burners at all. I think Pioneer actually has some pre-manufactured external burners and they would be an excellent choice.

RESEARCH is the only way you will find a decent one.
Read online reviews to determine which ones are suitable for you.

HP don’t make their own burners, they rebadge other companies products, much like sony, Iomega & several other major brands.

For example, i got this burner and case off Newegg and i couldn’t be happier with my burning results so far:

NEC 3500

Bytecc External Case

I have a problem with dvd express. I get a window that reads cannot write archive txt. Can anybody help me. Thanks