New To DVD Burning,I really need help


I am new to DVD burning and my head has been done in for the last week or so trying to burn DVD’s. I have a DVD+RW drive and have bought numerious of blank DVD’s.DVD-R DVD+R nearly every combination and nothing has seemed to work. I have downloaded conversion software to convert avi files to VOB files with burning software included but nothing seems to work.

The main question I want to ask to the forum is what blank media should I be using and can anybody recommend a good website that explains in simplicity about DVD burning.

i would be really obliged if anybody could help no matter how big or small.



Hi and Welcome!

DVD burning is basically nothing else than burning data onto a DVD disc using a DVD capable burning software and of course a DVD writer.
How to do this is described in the documantation of your CD/DVD writing software.

Converting video formats is something different and not directly related to DVD burning. You can read some good tutorials about that on

Concerning the problem you described:
Could you please provide some more information? What drive are you useing (Nero Info Tool will tell you)? What software? And what happened exactly? “Nothing seems to work” doesn’t help the users helping you.


Hello Ciller. Welcome to CD Freaks.

You need to be a bit more specific. What is the exact model number
and firmware version of your drive? Which brands of media did
you try?

Video conversion/transcoding and DVD authoring is a separate issue from
DVD burning. What software tools are you using?

There must be about a million ‘which media is best’ threads on
CDF. Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden discs are among the best discs
available. As usual with DVD burning, things are a little more
complicated than that. Verbatim discs are rarely made by Verbatim
and Taiyo Discs are not usually sold under the Taiyo Yuden brand

Verbatim are usually regarded as a safe bet, regardless of
where they are made. I have made in Japan, Taiwan and
India Verbatims. All of them are very good. The Indian
ones give slightly better quality scan results than the

Taiyo Yuden are sold as MIJ (Made in Japan) Sony, Verbatim,
TDK and a few other brands. They are also sold as unbranded
Taiyo Yuden by a few specialist on-line suppliers.

I have also had very good results with Ridisc branded
Ritek made discs and TDK branded discs made by CMC.

Let us know what kind of drive you have. Someone who
has the same model will be able to recommend good
media for this drive.