New to daisy chaining external hard drives

I have recently moved to a 2010 i7 macbook pro, which only has one firewire port & 2 usb ports, & to free up ports I read one can set up multiple drives with firewire ports in a daisy chain.

I have 2; 3.5 inch 7200rpm 1TB hard drives, & bought some external enclosures with firewire ports for them.

what would the steps be to set them up?

some things I cannot seem to get an answer for even after google searches is;

say I have drive A & drive B together, with drive A plugged into the firewire port on my mac & drive B plugged into drive A. If I only need to work with content on drive B, do I have to have drive A running as well? even if I do not need to work with it?

I notice in mac os that devices show up as no names, well if I need to eject my drives how can I tell which is which when they both show up with the same no name? I dont want to accidently eject or dismount the wrong drives in the worng order

So to prevent something like this I would like to know if there is a way to get mac os to name each hard drive? say drive A would be called photos & drive B music. Is there a way to get windows to see them with these same names as well as in mac os?

another thing is I have windows xp pro installed through parallels on my mac & would like to work with my daisy chained drives in this as well.


I have two HDDs daisychained on my XP box. Indeed, I need to have the first disc powered on in order to use the second drive which is connected to the first one. I am not sure if this is a feature of the enclosure (haven’t tried connecting the drives in reverse order.