New to CloneDVD2 and could really use some pointers



Ripping disk to disk working great but I was hoping CloneDVD would offer me the ability to…

When I first started converting/burning episodes of a tv show to disk, I believed I had to keep the time below the 120 minutes (as stated on any dvd5 you get) so for 2 season, I have disks only containing 2 episodes per disk. Now that I know it is actually the 4.7Gbs you pay attention to vs the amount of minutes, I was hoping to be able to rip 2 of the disks and place those 4 episodes onto one new disk. If anyone has toyed with this issue and knows how to direct me either using CloneDVD2 or another software, any guidance is greatly appreciated. One thing I have tried but with no luck was to copy disks to harddrive and then burning them to a disk, but because I had converted both old disks using ConvertxtoDVD, the file names are the same. I tried to change the file names but with no luck as it then informed me that it was not a proper dvd file name or something along these lines. lol


One last issue I am having (like I said in subject new to this lol)…
In using both DVDFab and CloneDVD, when I rip a dvd and burn it everything goes fine. But IF I put in another dvd to rip, it rips and when it goes to burn, it fails. IF I rip a dvd and write and then restart the pc before attempting another dvd, I do not get this problem…Anyone else have this problem occur?


102 people have viewed this thread and noone has any suggestions? I have noticed ALOT of threads that people have created to get some help or advice and noone has helped. Not sure but looks like a new forum search for this guy. I had come here cause friends suggested it to be helpful but perhaps that was in a different time lol


Here’s a guide. Hope it helps


Nobody has answered because I just don’t think anyone really understands what you are trying to do. Are you trying to backup a release of a TV show episode-collection from an original DVD? Or are you trying to copy already recorded DVD -/+R disks recorded on a standalone DVD recorder attached to your TV? What format are the movie files (ie: .xxx)? I am a movie person and haven’t had TV or Cable in my house since 1993 so I can’t be much help to you unless you are ripping and burning DVD original disks.

CloneDVD is made to backup DVD originals. Based on your answer to my above questions, maybe someone can suggest the right software to be using (CloneDVD Mobile?).



Okay…when I first got a DVD burner (LG GSA H10A) and was experimenting with converting/burning .avi to dvd, I purchased ConvertXtoDVD by VSO. Being unaware that when placing files in, you keep it beneath the 4.7Gbs as available for a DVD5, I thought I could not go over the 120mins. The tv show I was converting from .avi is Battlestar Galactica Season 1. Because the actual episodes are 45 minutes apiece, this will only allow you to convert/burn 2 episodes to each disc (if you are keeping it beneath the 120mins). Season 1 had only 13 episodes and I used 7 discs for the season. After discovering that it is not the 120mins you go by, but rather the 4.7gbs, this would allow you to place 4 episodes to each disc. After trying to insert disc 1 (from the 7 discs I converted/burnt) and moving the VOB files to harddrive and then inserting disc 2 (of those 7…also containing 2 episodes in VOB). I then started CloneDVD and used “copy dvd titles”…I took the VOB from episodes 1 and 2 from the harddrive and episodes 3 and 4 from the disc in the drive. Combining the 2 in CloneDVD. I then took the steps to create a new disc in which would contain all 4 episodes (henceforth cutting my disc collection for this show literally in 1/2). It combined the 4 episodes and burnt a disc. I then placed this disc into my standalone dvd player. It played but was in black/white. On the pc it is in color. I tried this attempt after making my original post of this thread. When this happened, I googled the black/white issue and found forums relating to this being a PAL/NTSC issue. Want to point out to that I have converted/burnt with VSO and used this same standalone dvd player and had no problems with viewing in color until this attempt. Even when I stop the disc and my player returns to it’s DVD screensaver, the screensaver is in black/white (incase this helps clear up the issue of b/w lol) I also have Nero 7 Premium and when I tried to do same in it with the 4 episodes, it told me that part of my files are in PAL do I want to keep them in this format. The only issue I have with Nero, is the length of time it takes to convert/burn anything. I believe with this operation it estimated a time of 10 hrs and 30 mins lol In normal operations…tv shows…4 or 5 episodes to a disc from harddrive (.avi) to disc using VSO, it will take me approx. 2.5 hrs as where in Nero, between 6-8 hrs. So to sum it all up and update from where I am now vs where I was when I created this thread… I am asking if those of you that have used CloneDVD2 and know the ins and outs, knows how to make setting adjustments so that when I do the steps I took, the disc will be in all NTSC or whatever the issue is so that it plays on the standalone in color rather than a POOR b/w. Perhaps CloneDVD2 is not capable of doing what I am wanting to do. Thanks to rolling56 for the link…I have it open now and plan to read it…perhaps the answer is there. I am not what others consider a “pc nerd” (tho I wish I were lol) Everything I do know I have just picked up from other threads or tinkering with it myself…alot of times it has caused me to have to dig myself out of trouble. Just cannot afford to have some pro install or upgrade so I am doing all myself, which brings me to 1 more issue that perhaps someone here will read and know exactly what I should do…When I am converting, 100% of the CPU is being used…any tweaks to lower the % or do I wait and upgrade to dual processing?


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Unfortunately the CloneDVD software program was not designed to do what you are attempting to do. The CloneDVD software program does what the name implies – Cloning DVDs and is not designed to Author DVDs which is what you are attempting to do.

Suggest visiting the Copy DVD Movie Guides and Tutorials Forum (, which will provide you with information on Authoring DVDs.



thank you belooken…checking some threads there now :slight_smile:


Well the above posting of yours is probably the single densest paragraph I have ever read on cdf. As far as I can tell, you are dealing with at least four separate issues. Too Complex! I have no idea how to help you with all these issues. Have you considered just buying the Battlestar Galactica series on DVD? [I]Way[/I] easier solution.

Several things I did pick up on:

You are correct that time of a show has not as much bearing as data size. But DVD media does not hold 4.7GB of data either. It holds 4.33 GB of data.

There is no [I]practical[/I] consumer-priced software solution for converting PAL to NTSC standard. They have different frame rates during playback and you will get jittery playback as well as other problems not the least of which is the amount of processing power necessary and the very long time to convert. Conversion is a very bad “solution”. Instead just buy a player that plays both formats. Or plays PAL, NTSC [I]and[/I] .avi formats. Problem solved(!) with a little money instead of such sweat and frustration!

Also, I believe the Avi format is far more compressed than dvd format and when converted to dvd will take up more data space.