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greetings and happy new year!!
i just recently bought any dvd and clone dvd was using dvd copy express.
being technically impaired i have a question one which im sure has been answered before and ive honostly tried to find. when i make a backup of one of my movies i have found that after arounf 40 to 60 minutes into the movie it freezes and skips in my dvd player. however if i take everything off the dvd when burning except the movie it plays back fine. is it just not possible to compress that much and get playback or do i have a problem? i am using a amd athlon xp 2.4 processor 756 i think pc 2100 ddr ram and plextor px 716a burner i have the latest any dvd and clone dvd software and am using fujifilm dvd-r dvds. also i am burning at 1x spd. i appreciate in advance any suggestions or help that anyone can give i am not the most technical of people and my head is starting to hurt from beating it into a wall trying to figure it out myself thanks


Is CloneDVD2 set to “Maximum” speed or you have set it to burn at 1x?


If I were you I would set the burn speed in CloneDVD to 4 speed, I’m certain the Fujifilm media you are using is able to burn at 4X or better. Sometimes setting at a lower speed such as one does more damage than good as well as taking so much longer to burn. Many of the media I use now is rated at 8X, as is the Liteon burner, but I still only burn at 4X and never encounter any problems. The 4 minutes extra doesn’t bother me, but I do things on the cautious side, not to have to do it again,
may not be the most efficient way, but that’s just me. when something works I stay with it.

Curious to know how others have their AnyDVD settings under the drive tab.
I do not have the enable speed contol box checked. I don’t want any conflicts with the actual burning process done by ClonDVD that is set at 4X. Any comments?


Same here. Speed control is not enabled for the reasons you mentioned and based on some reports of users.


Thanks for the reply.


thank you for the reply ill try to set it at 4 and try again and yes alex i had it set at 1x spd


Make sure your Plextor has the latest firmware, as I’ve read stories about this model not having the best burn quality, especially with earlier firmwares.


well i think i have found the problem i believe both my dvd players are the culprits after around a hr or so of continouse playing i believe the dvd player gets hot and starts to freeze and lock up. i watched the entire series of buffy the vampire slayer on a backup burning at 4x spd. i backed it up with all added features and menus. there are 4 episodes on the dvd around 45 minutes each and the compression meter was at 51% after the second episode around 20 minutes into the third episode it started to freeze and skip. i turned it off frustrated and slept on it last nite. this morning i started watching the last 2 episodes that the nite before froze and skipped badly. they wprked flawlessly. guess its time for a new dvd player i appreciate the replys to my first post just figured i share my experience in case others run into the same problem. thanks for helping


If it’s getting hot just add a fan or 2 1st to see if that helps if you have places for the fans.


Nice of you to keep us updated, many don’t take the time, I consider this rude.

I believe you are referring to your stand alone DVD players getting hot, i think Rolling 56 thinks it’s your Pc’s DVD players, if I’m not mistaken you only have the Plextor px 716A, please clarify.

I’m not convinced both your DVD players are at fault, one possibly, but two seems unlikely. Seems like a media problem in my opinion. Not being familiar with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, are these 4 episodes on an original?. If so, do you still have the original?

To troubleshoot, if you have the original, and it doesn’t freeze on either of your DVD players, then it’s your backup copy that’s the problem. Although perhaps time consuming, one more way to test is to put your backup into someone else’s DVD player.


yes sir that is correct i have a plextor px 716a in my computer and my stand alone dvd players is the one that is freezing and skipping. i own the original and their are 4 episodes on each disk. and yes only the burned copy has the freezing and skipping problem. im not very good at this stuff but im thinking that my players cant handle the compression of the video feed that is on the disk and mayby causing the standalone players< which is a rca drc 220 and a klh kd 1220 both of which are at least a year if not 2 yrs old> becouse they freeze up and skip at different places throughout the movie. guess ill try a newer model and see if the same thing happens or not. the plextor burner is only a mnth old from the store but not for sure about firmware stuff.


I don’t think the problem is with your stand alone players but rather the media or method of burning you used.

I would first start out by updating the firmware, should be quite easy since the Plextor firmware is an executable file, just download it and click on it and it will update your firmware to the latest. It is wise to keep the firmware updated since it provides a fix to any bugs in earlier additions as well as adding new media types it will recognize.
Here is the link where you can download the proper firmware for your device.

Keep in mind just because the unit is new, does not mean it has the latest firmware, it may have been sitting on a shelf for months, since then new firware was introduced.

I think your problem lies with the menu for the 4 episodes. This is not a good way of getting experience burning since it’s a bit complex.
Why don’t you try usning the same media (Fujifilm), setting CloneDVD to burn at 4X,
and using the top button in CloneDVD for movie and select preserve menus.
In AnyDVD under DVD tab,make sure the default region indicates the one you are in.
Feature Removal - make sure all boxes are checked.
Navigation - check Remove Annoying Adverts and Trailers, and Jump to Main Movie.
Copy a dvd that is about 2 hours long or less. Then put it in your stand alone and see if it freezes. If it does not, then something went wrong with your burning the Buffy the Vampire. There is always a remote possibility there is something wrong with your new Plextor burner.


the 4 episodes are around 45 minutes apiece so a total of 3 hrs will i still be able to burn them? i alrdy updated the firmware from your directions i appreciate it thanks going to try the way that you said to burn it and see what happens thanks


Yes you can burn 3 hours but the quality will be degraded a bit due to compression.
As I mentioned try burning a regular DVD without episodes to confirm your burner and software burning methods are not at fault here. Updating the firmware was a good decision on your part. Let us know how the burn went with the firmware upgrade and burning a regular movie without episodes.


just wanted to let you guys know that a bad dvd standalone player was my culprit in my case i really appreciate the help everyone gave me on this forum thanks again