New to Cdfreaks and need some help!

I have an Nec 3540a (latest firmware 1.03), it can bitset the +DL media from Verbatim, but all other +R from Sony, FuJI, or Verbatim (single layer) +R cannot be changed without certain modified firmware. I went to Liggy and Dee’s site and have dl Bin Gui, and two hacks (1F1 and 1W7). I’m still not sure which one I need to flash the Nec so that I can change the book type to -R or Dvd-Rom and can this be done so that it is always set for that ability? New to this forum and believe you guys have the knowledge and experience. Any help and guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.
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BS! Booktype -R doesn’t exist!

Set the booktype with the nectool or DVDInfoPro or Nero or…

I know that you cannot bitset -R, but when I use the Nec with +R (beyond DL which it can be changed) the ability to change from +R to Dvd-Rom is not available. What I want is how to change that ability so that I can. At Cdfreaks there is a lot spoken about Liggy and Dee’s modified firmware for Nec 3540a. I have the Bin Gui and downloaded two modified firmware. The Nec has the 1.03 fiirmware, but from their site the options are many and I want to know which one for sure and modify the nec firmware…I guess it is flashing the drive. Can you help in determining which one to use? Thank you in advance for your time and experience.

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@chef, thank you…I went to the site, downloaded the 1.03 modified firmware, used Bin Gui to dump old firmware and then flashed with new and everything works great…I can bit set the +R media from FuJi and Sony (made in Japan and code as Ty’s) Work Great. Thanks for the reply and the help. I’m glad to be a part of the forum at Cdfreaks. Have a good day.

Yup, sounds good.
Very good that you’ve made an backup before flashing a new one!!!