New to cd protection, and everything, need help

I read a little bit on here about copying a disk, and stuff.

Im a huge computer nerd, and everything, but I know very little about cd’s, and copy protection, ect.

I was wondering if it is possible to burn a .cue file using SecuRom New 4.x/5.x, or whatever. Because I was reading, and it said I had to do that to make my cd work…but they were trying to copy a disk they owned.

Um, what im trying to do is make a game work. It needs the CD, but my burned cd is not good to make it play. It says something like “Please insert Cd2 into your cd drive” or something…for me to play.

The cd was burned from a .cue file using Nero at first, then i got Alc. 120, and burned it in Raw DAO format…but I dont know…its not working.

I’d like very much to learn about cd protection, and all the other stuff you guys know about.

Thanks a ton!

If I’m reading right you dont actually own the game? If so fraid we cant help. (not that we’re all saints) In short Cd Protections are only supported by certain image formats - MDS - Alcohol, CCD - Clone CD, BWT - Blindwrite. Bin and Iso are useless for retaining current copy protection data which makes an image of a game in bin or iso format pretty much useless. You burnt it correctly: Alcohol 120% in RAW and DAO - it didnt work - Buy the Game.

Indeed. Bin/cue may well be ok for safedisc but it definitely won’t work for a lawful image of a securom protected game.

What about those who do own the game but want a backup? How does one retain current copy protection data?

Check out this forum, in particular, the tutorial sub-forum.

I missed the tutorial subforum the first time I checked that board. Thanks mate :slight_smile: