New to burning

My name is Cin the cin in bricin.
I have a Lite-on DVD+RW 802S with the UPP6 firmware. I can’t find any info on it I wrote Lite-On techs and they wrote back informing me they didn’t have that model. hmmmmm??? :eek: It came with my HP Pavilion a645w. Anyone out there have a clue to what I have?

is it perhaps a LITE-ON DVD+RW SOHW-802S

I believe it is a +R only version of the 812S that HP puts in their Pavillions.

I burned out a dvd writer that came with an hp media system and they shipped me a LITE-ON DVD+RW SOHW-802S as a replacement. It ruins about 1 out of 3 discs. I ruin more discs in 2 days than I did for the 3 months total with the previous dvd writer. I am very unhappy with it.