New to Burning

I am new to burning dvd’s and not sure on what to do. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it very much. I have DVD Shrink and DVD Fab. I have not used either one yet. And the help is not much help to me. It does not give alot of detail on what to do.

Welcome chrmedbabygirl,

you’re talking about movie DVDs?

I am talking about movie dvd’s. My uncle showed me along time ago how to do it but I cant remember what he did. Any help would be appreciated on how to get started or where to look for step by step instructions.

I moved your thread to our copy dvd movie forum where you’ll get more help in this matter. You’ll also quickly learn by reading in this part of the forum how to copy your DVDs. Good luck.

p.s. DVD Shrink and dvd fab decrypter is a good start.