New to burning

:clap: hey every one my name is lavon and am very new at burnin dvds. and i was told that this was the best place i can learn every thing about burning.i would really appriciate if some one could give me a detailed instructions on how to do what programs are best to you.
thank you

Welcome to CDF’s

Need more info from you. What brand/model burner do you have and what are your pc specs? Processor speed,what operating system do you have,how much ram,how much hard drive space etc…

well i think the dvd burner that am using is a i/o magic burner an am using windows xp bout the rest that you are asking bout the processor speeds i dnt know am actually new to the whole computer stufff an the pc am using is a dell

There are guides to just about every kind of software you can think of here. We all here like different programs.

What are you wanting to do? Back up your movies?
Do you have any program in mind you want to try?

You can get some information from here also:

OR here:

  1. Choose a good, reliable burner (read the relevant Forums here).
  2. Try as many DVD burning software as you can, this way you can find the one that suits you most.
  3. Choose a good medium (read the relevant Forums here).

Most people use numerous burning software for different purposes.