New to burning!

I have the files for a full version of Half Life on my computer. I can’t figure out how to burn a file that is 1.94G onto 1 CD. I come across forums that say how easy it is but then they describe something that isn’t working for me, nothing that actually tells me step by step how to do it. Up to this point everything that I have read… been there, done that, something is missing. Any help would be wonderful. Also, I would love a knowledgable opinion about torrents. So wonderfully accessible :iagree: , but I keep hearing my mother’s voice. :doh:

The files you mention, are they files of an already installed version of the game? If so, you will not be able to back it up in such a way it can be played from that backup.

The best you can do is use your original (which could very wel be a DVD by the way, instead of a CD) and use the method described in our forums to back it up (there are several tutorials you might want to check out).

And, in the unlikely event you were requesting help on an illegally downloaded version, please read our rules again, link provided in my signature below.

I appreciate your answer. Actually I have the file on a hard drive and I have “Legally” obtained that. They say that have the cd “somewhere”, but I don’t think they have they same determination with computers that I do. I don’t want to do anything questionable and I really feel like getting the copy of the disk wouldn’t be. At the same time, I understand the circumstances and respect them. Maybe I can talk them into letting me go into their garage and cleaning!!! control your excitment please!!!