New to burning ps2 's

I have a sony external dvd +/- rw +/- r cdrw drive. My playstation is new. Would I have to use a mod chip if I burn these games. Thanks for helping.:bow:

If you are too dumb to use search, you are too dumb in general. You can EASILY find this in search, or even by using google. Don’t expect handouts, even Tax (an Admin) hates people that are lazy. I cannot even count the times I’ve seen things like this on the forums. Maybe this is not the right site for you…unless you know how to use it.


Although cmr2003x is right, not even I am that harsh :wink:

Here are a few topics that should set you on your way:
can I backup my ps2 games?

how to make PS 2 backups???

PS2 DVD backups

how to make PS 2 backups???

That wasn’t too hard now, was it?

Originally posted by Da_Taxman
I don’t dislike newbies, just lazy people who expect others to do their work for them.

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Tried looking through search but i’m to dumb to figure out.

:bigsmile: I get agitated easily. :bigsmile:

Sorry Hoppi. Read the other stuff posted first.
Find out how to use the search; don’t give up!

In this newbies opinion Da_Taxman went above and beyond for hoppi. Very commendable.

You won’t see me making such a post, though. Use the search feature dude!

Too lazy…LOL that’s funny! At least he’s honest.

If you really want to learn then your first step is to delve into the wealth of knowledge that the guys here have compiled for you. Start clicking some links in some of these guys sigs if you don’t know where in the search results to start. And if that’s too much for ya, start with the sticky topics at the top of each forum that relates to your hardware or software program.

I personally don’t want to be spoon fed for the simple reason that I will not truly learn or understand what I’m getting into, thus I won’t be able to apply that information in the future.

I want to understand not just know.

Oh, and hoppi…

before you do anything you might want to read through this and even more importantly read this.

Just a little something from one newb to another :wink:

The answer to your NEW thread/post is yes. You would have to get a modchip to play your BACKUPS.