New to burning dvds

Hi I am new to burining dvds and I just brought anydvd and 1 click dvd and I am trying to make a copy of day after tomorrow and I get half way thorugh it and then I get a error is there another program that I need. I also tried the harry potter movie and got all the way to the end and the error popped up at about 95%. Can someone help me please. I have a external dvd burner but I use the dvd player on my computer also. Thanks Melissa

What media are you using and hardware? What versions are you using of those programs! Should not have any issues using the latest versions!
Luvs Jenni

Please Post a >> F8 log session of the/an attempt …
Let us read the error in context

Open 1Click >> F8 >> Copy and Paste in Reply
Look for :
Session Started” / “Session Closed

  • to divide the individual sessions
    Post one session per Reply Post
    One or Two “Session(s)” in question should suffice

Your log will instantly answer 20 questions we might have

Let’s take a look …

I might suspect that you may have a “Bad” Source Disc or two
Inspect the Disc and try cleaning it - even if it doesn’t look like it needs it.

If this doesn’t prove successful …
Use the [B]VSOInspector[/B] to scan the Disc ( it’s Free )

If the Inspector reports "READ Errors"
Then you’ll know that you’ve come across a “BAD” Source Disc .
I would then suggest that you acquire a different copy
… and compare your results .