New to burning... DL & software problems/questions

Heya gang. Just signed up about 10 minutes ago and thought I would find a great group of people who know their stuff… well, it seems I have found the place. Thanks for letting me join up and I guess I’ll get on with it!

I recently installed a NEC 3550 DL burner and have upgraded the firmware to 1.06. I bought Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x disks and have been trying to burn Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I bought the platinum copy of DVD xCopy from and got everything activated etc.

Well, after 2 days of frustration and having tried everything on their support page… I wrote them an email. Come to find out, you can’t burn DL disks with their software. Granted, this was probably an oversight on my part, but I’m a little irked. I want to be able to pretty much one click “backup” my dvds.

I do have a copy of their protection software (the little green smiley face, DVD43) running. I have a copy of Nero, but I haven’t tried it yet.

My questions to you all are as follows:

  1. Should I try to get a refund for my DVDxCopy platinum software?

  2. Will my brand new Samsung HD960 upconversion dvd player play a compressed movie?

  3. Should I leave my DVDxCopy out of it, keep the DVD43 running and try Nero?

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance gang!

I would definitely try to get my money back but good luck on that. Plus a lot of this type of software will not work with some of the newer copy protections.
Your burner should be fine. Go to and get their free trial of anydvd & clonedvd2 their the best their is. Good Luck.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll try to get my money back.


I was just completed a successful burn of the movie (7.1Gb) onto a 4.7Gb disk with 61% compression. Unfortunately I’m at work right now, so I can’t throw the burned copy into my home theater dvd player.

Should it play? Any more insight on compression and home theather dvd players (not pc dvd drives) would be MOST appreciated!!!

Thank you again!

Sorry about thaat oversight pridog ha A new dvd player should have no problems playing your compressed movie as long as you use good media. You should be able to compress a movie down to around 70% and not be able to tell the difference. I personally always just copy main movie only. I dont want to watch all those trailers and stuff anyway. I think I have only burned 2 DL disks. Dual layers are still too high for me. Hope this helps.

Ahh, thank you for the info. I’m using Verbatim stuff and between this site and the reviews from, I glad I got it :slight_smile:

Anyway, before I try to get my $$$ back, I’ll burn a couple more of my movies and make sure they work well. If they do, I won’t worry about it!

Thanks for the info Liquid!

Use IMGBURN. GO to their forum adn look through the ‘how to do a godo quality DL scan’…its better tha ncrap like dvd clone/dvdshrink. It can set layers and stuff.

You can not get your money back because studio321 after they lost the court battle over a year ago they were order to remove the protection removal from their software and I am sure they are not claiming that DVDXcopy is capable to remove movie protection during copying the video. Use combination of any one of the following:

a) DVDShrink + Nero Burning ROM
b) DVD Decrypter
c) DVDFAB Platinium
d) ANYDVD + CloneDVD