New to burning but learning fast!



Something I read at some other site mentioned that Nero may conflict at times with some other burning software and I was wondering.I have Media Player 10,Nero 6,RealPlayer,and Creative PlayCenter 2 on my XP Home machine. I’ve burned one cd with Nero and it worked out fine. Then I burned a couple more with WMP after doing some minor tweaking on my settings in that program and I think the results are a little better than the Nero.So what I need to know is I want to download and try CDRWin.Should I have any problems with it conflicting with anything here baring getting it all configured to run right and settings and all?
Dell82002.2GHz P4
CreativeLiveValue sound card
NVidia GGorce2MX/MX400


There are some on this forum who will tell you to only have 1 burning application. Personally I have Nero, Roxio, Media Player 10, RecordNow, Blindwrite, Alcohol 120% & a few others & I’ve not experienced any problems.
Get CDRWin & try it, they will most probably all work fine together.


Thanks TimC.I may Download in a few minutes I’m checking some other info and then I’ll dLoad and burn something and post back on how it goes.


The only two programs I know of that don’t like each other is Nero and Roxio. Some ppl have problems and some don’t.


Right tigerman.I appreciate the info guys but now it seems that things are getting a bit more complicated.The download of cdrwin from the goldenhawk sight is not really just a simple thing.I’m doing some homework on precisely how to download and configure it.I may get another computer tomorrow to tinker with.It’s an emachine with a p4 and it will only cost me 50.00us.I may set it up for testing.I’ll post back with how it goes.