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I have purchased the lite-On 52X24X52 CD-RW. I will not recieve until Monday “Thanks U.P.S for mis routing the package…NOT!”:frowning:

I am to understand it comes with an OEM version of Nero 5.5. My plan is to burn copies of Music CD’s or downloaded music, Movie DVD’s and backup some of my software programs such as Office suite. My question is, is Nero 5.5 one of the best software packages to do these projects or should I be looking at another burnring package?


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Yes nero is one of best softwares for burning but it is not very good for games. For games is best ClonyXXL with Alcohol. I advise to use my tool to combine both programs. Clony detect protection and my program put good profile in it. My prog. Alcoholer

Welcome to the forum :smiley: Nero will get the job done, however, there are better burning programs for music, vcd, svcd. I use EAC
(Exact Audio Copy) for audio and VCDEasy for (s)vcd.


get them all.
u know u want to

If you want to backup movie DVD’s which are likely to be CSS protected you must use DVDxCOPY or some software like that.

To backup games, I would advise you to use Alcohol 120% as its very reliable. You can also use the “old” CloneCD, but I wouldn’t advise if you plan to backup games protected by SecuROM 4.8x or SafeDisc 2.8. Alcohol can also backup your VCD’s and your Office CD’s.

“get them all.
u know u want to” :bigsmile:

I have no doubt that I will eventually have them all when all is said and done!!