New to Benq, WOPC on or off

I mostly burn TYG02 discs on my 1640. With this media will I get better burns with WOPC on or off?
In general should I have it on or off for other media?


I always get better results when using TYG02 with my 1640 with wopc off,on the other hand it prefers wopc on with TY02 (+r) but all my 1620’s prefer wopc on with TYG02 or TY02.I found it is better to experiment with wopc on and off to find what is best for you. In my case certain TY batch numbers perform better with wopc off than on (GG000103) for example.

I seem to get better result with WOPC on when burning at 8-12x with B7V9 and B7T9 firmware with TY media. At 16x, WOPC off seems to work better for me.


You’ll find a bunch of TYG02 scans burned on 1640’s here.

TYG02 burns on 1640’s are simply incredible. I wish the 1620’s could burn TYG02’s with 1640 like PIE’s. PIF’s have always been good to excellent, but those low PIE’s are amazing.