New to backing up

Hi I am new to this hole backing up thing. could someone tell me what mounting a image means please.

if you have created an image of a cd or dvd [common extensions are .iso .bin .cdi. img] with say, alcohol 120%, clonecd or clonedvd, dvd decrypter etc, then you can load/mount that image into a virtual cd/dvd drive [daemon tools is a common virtual cd/dvd creation program] and use that image as if it was the physical cd/dvd

Simply put: It is a program that pretends to be your CD-ROM player. It loads the data from a backup copy on your hard disk as if it was a real CD in your CD-ROM player.

Loading the data from the backup copy on your hard disk is then called ‘Mounting the image’.

Thanks to you both for the information. very appriciated

I still don’t understand! What’s the point of doing this?

Right, there is no point!.. since a data backup is only safe when u get it off the system ie on a real CD, Tape, removable device. Holding a data "backup” inside a system can kill it like a HD can die from one minute to the next.

if you are like me and have a few video games, it is great because then you do not need to use the cd to load the game every time. just load the image , in my case with alcohol 120%, and play. making an image imo is not intended for backing up anything, it is just for convenience or burning purposes.