New To Backing Up BluRay Movies

I’ve been backing up my DVD movies for years using blufab … shinkDVD and Imgburn. Finally took the blu-ray plunge and want to back up my blu-ray movies. I was able to download the movie to my hard drive with blufab … but I don’t know what to use now? Nero? IMG burn? … I guess I can’t shrink it down like with DVD’s …?:confused:

I’ve seen sites writing about handbrake software … does it take the place of shrink? I only have 25GB discs can I divide the backup into two disc or does handbrake makes it fit? What free software can I use to back up bluray … thank you for your time.:flower:

BD Rebuilder is free to use and will compress Blu-ray movies to fit 25gb discs. You can make movie only copies, or you can compress the entire thing, menus, extras and all.

You will need to decrypt the movies before using BD Rebuilder.

There is a link to my guide to the program down below, in my signature.

Handbrake is for converting various types of video, including Blu-ray, to MP4 or MKV files.

Thanks so much for the info and the links really appreciate it.:iagree::clap: