New to Azureus

now that i have finally crossed over and downloaded this program…how do i use it…? i’m use to the search function of limewire and such…

i’ve got dsl…and going to upgrade to cable in the next couple months…so i’ll have super speed…:smiley:

You have to download .torrent files and then open them in Azureus to download them. :iagree:

Hey, even I was able to figure it out on my own…so it shouldn’t be any problem for you. All you have to do is find a good site for torrents. But I believe that for US those sites have been ruled illegal…not sure though.

Only problem I have is that it takes forever to load…some problem with a plugin or something, so I changed to another client…nice stuff, but still I don’t see myself download much…

Go to - register, and look at the Latest Torrents or do a search
Click your selection which opens up a new page - look for the box that says “Download Torrent”
then Azureus kicks in to control the download.
Just like plumbing - try, try and try again until it stops dripping!

yeah but you like to figure things out…i like to be spoon fed…and i’m a creature of habit…

it takes a long time to load stuff off them…even with cable.???whats up with that?

I think he means loading the program. Also, Azureus uses a nice chunk of ram. 100MB on my system, not a big deal to me, but might be to some. If you are using the safepeer plugin, theres an option you can tick to load concurrently or something like that. The plugin will load after you start the program so you don’t have to wait.

I love azureus. It’s very stable, I’ve never had it crash. And there are so many options you can configure for almost any kind of networking setup. It definatly gets my vote.
Just be sure to forward your ports if neccassary.

??? safepeer plugin? i didn’t see that on the download page…

and what about …forwarding ports?

Port settings relate to how people connect with your computer so they can download from you. Because of higher internet security now, Windows has firewall software that rejects incoming data unless you have specifically requested data previously from that site. Your modem may be configured to do that also. Does your DSL modem connect to a USB port or is it connected through a network card? If it’s a USB modem, you need to adjust the Windows firewall to allow incoming connections on the port you select in Azureus. If it’s connected on a network card you’ll need to login to the modem and adjust the port settings and then disable the Windows firewall as you already have a firewall on the modem.

Incidently don’t use the standard port settings (ports 6881-6889) because many ISPs throttle (limit the speed) of traffic on these ports. Use a random port in the range of say, 10000 to 65535.


thanks for the port info…i knew what they were i just didn’t know what would be considered…a safe one…

The safepeer plugin blocks ranges of ip addresses known to be unfriendly, such as RIAA, MPAA etc. It’s not 100% protection, but it’s better than nothing.

Indeed! :iagree:

ok thanks i’ll get it loaded today!

I am gonna have to check out that plugin

tigerman…your the best …thanks

I thought I was the best…lol :iagree:

well I didn’t want everyone KNOWING that… :flower:

Damn, I forgot! :smiley:

Occassionally, Azureus will hog all the bandwidth and won’t let you use the internet, even if you have all transfers stopped it happens. It doens’t happen too often, but It did to me tonight. Solution: change the listen port and all is well.

Just thought I would give a little hint if anyone ran into the same thing.

I have had that problem myself a few times, will try your solution in the future! :iagree: