New to anydvd,The Movie The Terminal won't burn

Through a xcopyafterdawn forum thread I was direct to get anydvd, because the moderator there thinks it’s a protection issue. I did, V4.5.7.2. Still have same problem. Using xcopy gold V3.0.2. Tried burning “The Terminal” with both 4X and 8X media with my Pioneer dvr-A08 XL 16X max and my Sony DRU-510A 4X max before and after loading Anydvd. Movie playes on computer, but on my stand alone Sony dvr-nc655 player it only plays a few seconds of each chapter before going to next chapter and so on. I have tried these copies on other players and get same result. Only play on computers. Never in the 1 1/2 years of using xcopy have I had this particular problem.

This pronlem is starting to piss me off.
Please help,
Thanks 2budbeer

Processor P4 2.8
Motherboard SOYO P418775P
Installed RAM 512 MB
Hard drives 1/120 West Dig.
ROM Drives & Firmware Pioneer vr-A08xl V1.18 / Sony dru510a 1.1a

Maybe it is time to try a replacement for the no-longer-supported XCopy. Want to try CloneDVD? :slight_smile:

Thanks, but that’s not really the technical answer I was looking for. I have looked at clonedvd. Since it’s a record to one disk compression like dvdxcopy gold’s xpress program, I have a hard time believing the copies are as good as a I get with dvdxcopy gold’s xcopy program that lets you split to 2 disks. Never got what I call great copies from xpress. Always used the xcopy program. I’d rather have near perfict copies using 2 disk. Alittle extra burn time and another 70 cents for the second disk is all it cost me.
Don’t get me wrong. I will switch if need be, but I’d like to resolve issue with xcopy as long as I can.

Any better advise???
Thanks again

I can’t help you with your XCopy problem, but CloneDVD2 is a very powerful splitter AND a compressor. I totally agree with you, I split a lot of movies myself instead of transcoding. CloneDVD2 can split with or without keeping the menus. You can split the main movie, or you can put Movie/Extras on seperate discs. Maybe you should check again. :wink:

Decided to dowload the dvdclone2 program to check it out. Nice looking program. It did manage to backup the movie “Terminal” that I was having problems with. I Read through the online manual agian and did find the stuff about splitting the movie. I think the directions have been translated to many times before the english version. Some of the sentences are so badly writin and explaned that there extremely hard to follow. Haven’t copied using the spit version yet but did a dry run and I think I may have figured it out. Who knows? I’ll find out the first time I try it all the way through.

Since you’ve been trying to sell me on this product, and since I’m using the trial version and don’t have a licence # number needed to get the online tech support yet from SlySoft, maybe you can answer some questions I need to no before I purchase.

  1. Probably a very dumb question. While I did some research on this product I’ve seen referances to clonedvd and clonedvd2. Same thing?
    2)In cases of having to reinstalling the program do to issues like have to reinstalling OS. (ex. I just upgraded my motherboard and had to Configure my system from scratch again) Will there be a problem reactivating clonedvd and anydvd when reinstalled?
    3)How long and what kind (phone/online) of tech support will I get?
  2. Can I remove anydvd from my msconfig startup menu so I quit getting the popups when my computer starts and just enable it through the desktop shortcut when it is needed for burning? Is this safe for the program?
  3. Is there a more detailed owners manual avaliable?
  4. In clonedvd2 in the preferances menu, is it better to have the 2 items under “Remastering” checked or unchecked? Says they may cunfuse players?

Good answers make for good sales.

Thanks much.

Documentation is always a problem. I am very sorry about that.

Yes. CloneDVD2 is just newer. I believe CloneDVD2 was the first version, which supported splitting.

No problem, because there is no activation like DVDXCopy had. I hate programs requiring activation. It causes trouble if you change OS, computer, etc.
Just keep your registration files or the registration emails as in a safe place (floppy disc, CD, USB stick, whatever)

Online one year for free. But I don’t think they ever check.

You should uncheck Autostart in the AnyDVD Tray Menu to have the same effect.

No. But there are guides available.

Leave them checked. The “confusion” is only hypothetical. Never ever have seen a problem, and the results are better, if these options are checked.

Thanks Olli