New to AnyCD-but copy protection still there

I am new to the world of CD copy protection. I have the new CD Dave Matthews Stand Up and I cant seem to make an mp3 version of the file. I can copy the cd without problem but I cant make use of the data file. When trying to decode the file to mp3 or something else so I can make copies later, the mp3 encodes but the playback is stuggers and staggers. When I try to play the audio cd in the computer, the same sound occurs. I have used a black marker to copy out the protection track of the CD but its still not working Each time I listen, or convert the music, Its like it is playing the same 1/4 second parts over and over and missing other parts. I have tried to copy to WMA, MP3 using various programs. None show problems during encoding but the end result is the same. Can someone help me to determine what type of protection is on this disc and how to avoid it? I just want to be able to make copies of my disc and use those in the car/boat/home.

Thanks in advance