New to all this and help required



Just got and installed my nero burner yesterday.

Proceded to disk copy a DVD of family 8mm movies from way back. Company that burnt them says on encription, etc etc.

No Nero error logs.

My computer will show the movies on the new DVD but my Sanyo unit hooked to the TV will not read it.

Am I overlooking something stupid?

Any help at all is appreciated.


Maybe your Sanyo unit can read DVD+R or DVD-R but not both format ?


Maybe your player does not support dvd+r or dvd-r media
maybe you are using cheap discs which might not work with your standalone
What burner do you have and what software did you use


Sanyo DWM-360 CDR

The above is the supported DVD types for the Sanyo.

Burner is a nero.
Disks are Fuji DVD-R
Software is nero express 6 v which I am in the process of downloading the updates, god long download.


>>> Nero does burner ? <<<

Maybe you should try to update (flash) the burner firmware too.


Yep yep, and is brand new.


Downloaded new nero program, did not help at all.


Updated to current Nero as advised.

Burn copy of DVD, plays fine on computer.

Will not play on DVD player in family room, Sanyo unit that plays everything.
This is a DVD+R copy that both machines like.

Does anyone else have problems with copys not playing on units other than those copied on?

Or is this Nero and I should be useing something else?

Oh yes burner is Nero also.

Nero when asked only said to update program which I did.

Is it me or is it the nature of the beast, however I see DVDs all over and all seem to work well except for mine.


@ Intrigue
I would guess you captured your 8mm movies as .avi files or something and burnt to disc without recoding to the dvd-video format. When you look at the disc in windows explorer(or nero), what file types do you see?

I have never heard of a nero-branded burner? are you talking about the software ‘nero’, or an optical drive that is branded ‘nero’. What is the brand of the optical drive you use?


Optical drive is a ATAPI. Does that make sense?

File extensions on DVD are .BVP, .IFO, .VOB, and .BUP

8mm was put on disk by a company that does only this. There is nothing on it that should stop it from copying they say, shrug.

Surely appreciate your intrest, I am quite frustrated at the moment. Would like to send copies to my children who live in other states. I am sure the grandkids would enjoy as well.


@ Intrigue
The ‘ATAPI’ does make sense, but that is not the brand-name of the burner. You can look in ‘nero express’ in the first window, the top menu titled “which recorder would you like to use” should have a drop-down arrow/menu and your burner should be listed there. You don’t have to post the answer now, just follow the instructions below and post back after.

Those are also the correct file extensions for dvd-video, so that is not the problem.

So here is the steps for copying. First, for testing you will want to save a burn log. Open ‘nero express’, from the bottom select ‘more’, then ‘configure’, then ‘misc’. Check the box to “offer to print/save report”. Click ‘apply’ and ‘ok’. Do not close the program.
NOW, to copy in nero express, select your burner from the top menu and select ‘copy disc’ from the second menu. A window opens to choose ‘source drive’ and ‘destination drive’. The ‘destination…’ should be your burner. The source can be any dvd reader, but use the burner for now, so both windows have the same drive listed. Put the disc to be copied in the drive and select ‘burn’. This will copy the disc to your HDD. The drive will open when it is done copying(~10 minutes) and nero will ask for a blank disc. Insert blank and select ‘next’. When the burn is finished(~10-15 minutes), nero will ask to save a burn log. click ‘yes’ and save as a .txt file to your desktop. Then if this burn plays in your other player, report back. If it does not, then report back and attach the log(AFTER removing your name and serial number from the top of the burn log…it is the first 2 lines…just double-click on the file icon on your desktop and it will open in ‘Notepad’. Highlight the two lines and right-click and choose ‘delete’ from the dropdown menu.) to a post using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. We can go from there.