New to all of this and am needing some serious help...please



Hi all, well my laptop just toke a crap so I bought a PC off of Ebay and want to get into the world of DVD burning. I have or I should say my kids have a PS2, X-Box, and Dreamcast. I used to burn Dreamcast games (CDClone) back in the day and all of the movies I download are AVIs that fit on a CD using nero 6. I have 2 boys and would really love to burn copies of the games for the X-Box and PS2. I am unsure if you can even play copied games on these systems with out modding them. But maybe I can download and burn games that will play with out modding them? Below is a link to the cpu I bought. I am thinking about replacing the CDRom with a DVD and buying an external DVD writer. I am hoping for some advice and guidance from the group. Also besides Demonoid which I am not a member of what are the best torrent sites these days? I have been using btjunkie. Oh yeah, I also need new torrent software for my new cpu if anyone can guide me towards the best stuff to use now.

Thanks, Jack


well if you got the games themselves (i.e. original discs) you can copy the games into the XBox1’s hard drive once it’s softmoded (softmoded is basically just like putting a modchip in it but it’s all through software) which is FREE if you know what to do… i wont explain to much since it requires opening the XBox console up and connecting it to the PC etc etc.

but basically after you get he XBox1 softmoded you will have about 4.5GB (or so) of space on it’s hard drive to use for games/emulators/movies etc on it’s E partition… but after that’s softmoded you can also use 4.7GB DVD+R (or -R) discs to play xbox 1 games from.

but NO you cannot copy games on a stock system as it wont work for sure.

p.s. if your talking about downloading games your going to get in trouble on these forums so i would avoid talking about that stuff on here but we can help you backup games you own the original’s to.

p.s. also with a softmoded XBox console you can make it do alot of cool things besides running official xbox1 games like running Emulators (i.e. Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis/Nintendo 64 etc etc) on it and playing video formats it normally cannot play and stream movies etc from your pc to the xbox 1 etc if it’s running XBMC (XBox Media Center)


Thanks for the info, I should have said that I have 2 dreamcasts, 2 PS2s, but only 1 xbox so I need to know how to duplicate the PS2 games.

How about a PM with some help since I said some taboo stuff.



well duplicating PS2 games i just used “Alcohol 120%” (i aint sure if that’s needed, but it’s what i used) when i had my PS2 and used the Swap Magic v3.6+replacement case (which i ordered from (this is the PS2 case, make sure you get the right one for your system etc) a while ago)

but i also had to get some boot CD’s (i.e. Swap Magic v3.6) and a replacement case for my ‘slim ps2’ when i had it (i dont have it anymore though as i sold it etc)… here is the official Swap Magic website…

but basically i used ‘Swap Magic v3.6’ (you have to buy these discs online) and a replacement case for the PS2’s as you need a ‘flip top’ case instead of the standard one… only bad thing with those is you have to use those ‘Swap Magic’ discs to load the backup’s every time u play a game. so for example… once u got it all up and running you basically power up the PS2 with the Swap Magic disc in it, it will then load to a menu and the disc will stop spinning, then you open the PS2’s drive tray, then put in your burned game (which is on DVD+R etc) and then press ‘X’ on the controller and it loads and then you can run your game :wink: … but this might not be a good option for you since u said u got kids and they could ruin those Swap Magic discs and if those get ruined you have to buy new ones since you cant make copy’s of those discs with a standard PC burner from what i was told.

also with the Swap Magic… im fairly sure it will only work on ‘single layer’ games so if you got a dual-layer (i.e. 8.5GB) game it wont work… but the vast majority of games are single layer (i.e. 4.7GB) for the PS2.

but in general im not a expert on PS2 moding as i’m sure the modchip route is probably still best, but that Swap Magic method is easier for the average joe to do but it has it’s drawbacks… but typically speaking im more knowledgeable with XBox/XBox360 consoles as far as moding etc… so if you need more help moding the XBox i can help you… and if you got a PC with a cd/dvd burner then moding the XBox wont cost you a dime :wink:

good luck :wink: