New to adobe premiere 6.0--help!

looking for help with adobe 6.0. When playing back clips in clip window or from timeline, the video plays like stop action. Have previously captured w/o problems. Any ideas? Thanks

If the video file/codec you are working on is different than the type you selected when you started the project (DV, QT, ETC), then Premiere will convert on the fly which leads to crappy playback. But if you are using the same type of file (say DV for DV project) and you add any filters to the video, then the playback will suffer as Premiere adds the effect in realtime… which it does not do a very good job of. Take a small piece of your video and highlight it using the yellow bar at the top of the timeline, and hit enter/preview the video. This will convert the video file to the project you have selected and add any filters. You will then see a preview of what the final output quality will be. I finally gave up on 6 and moved to 1.5, as v6 could no longer handle what I was throwing at it without crashing.

"the video plays like stop action."
what are you trying to say?