New title RoboCop from Titus protected by Tages

I just posted the article New title RoboCop from Titus protected by Tages.

 Copy  protection Tages, thought to be vanished from the market, seems to be protecting  the latest game from software developer Titus, titled RoboCop. The protection  uses twin sectors to...
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This game is already cracked by immersion team.

Does anybody have a link on how twin sectors work on a technical level? Seems weird to have the same sector have different data :slight_smile:

its explained pretty well on the forum, in the optical technology discussions.

This type of game may be a problem for those with CD-ROMs that cache data. I.e. if you seek a sector, the CD-ROM will check its cache first. If not present, it will seek the requested sector, read in the sector and store it in its cache as well as return it. If this same sector is reseeked again and the sector is already stored in its cache, then the CD-ROM will return what’s in the cache rather than reseek the same sector. A few CD-ROMs and CD-RW drives use the cache (or recording buffer) to speed up CD-ROM access for frequently requested sectors, e.g. buffering the FAT.

So that would also be a problem on the original?


ad caching: TAGES developers are not so dum :X . There is no problem to reset a cache buffer before reading the same sector again… :g
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