New Threshold screenshots show start menu and windowed apps

We’ve just posted the following news: New Threshold screenshots show start menu and windowed apps[newsimage][/newsimage]

Myce managed to get 2 new Windows Threshold screenshots, one shows the new start menu, the other shows the windowed apps.

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That Start menu looks like a big bag of hurt. If they don’t let users remove the Modern tiles on the right side, I can’t see using the thing.

Start menu replacement programs may have a much longer life than anyone at Microsoft anticipates.

I really like the way this looks. Now, just update those Live Tiles and bring back AeroGlass.

License To Print Money - Reinstated.

Aeroglass is awesome.

Whomever the windows 8 ui stylist is at Microsoft, they need pimp-slapping, followed by launching directly into the sun.

If I was Microsoft, I’d invest/buy into the aerospace industry to achieve that goal, sooner rather than later.

It fits into the Gates philanthropy of saving the human race. We all know it’s the right thing to do.

I should start a new show: Pimp My Windows. I could probably make it into a reality show hosted by some rapper who likes to exhibit his works.

I much prefer the term ‘Programs’ to ‘Apps’.

I wish they would stop trying to be mac, linux and smartphone and be a serious operating system again.

I agree Steve33,
I suppose “Apps” is the latest new buzzword, What’s wrong with “programmes,” after all if you think about it a programme and an App aren’t the same thing. To me an App is something that bolts on to a programme like Firefox’s add ons and extensions.
I do suppose this as a crossover from the smart phone market.

That supposed screen shot is just terrible! Oh dear, what will it be like, no Aero, awkward to use, ugly and very confusing.

Oh dear, not another picture book.