New Three Stooges movie



I saw the new three stooges movie and while a
lot of the gags were funny. First of all the three stooges were
jewish. Making them orphans in a catholic orphanage?
weird. Also I enjoyed the gags on the cast of the jersey shore.
but, without giving it away no pie throwing sacralige.:eek:zap


Here’s one for you zap,who’s your favorite stooge,mine was always Curly because he was the under dog of the three and was slapped around the most.Did you know there was another stooge.

The best one I through was this video--


Here’s a better stooges wo larry cheese


Moe Howard
Curly Howard
Larry Fine
Shemp Howard
Joe Besser
Joe DeRita
Emil Sitka


My favorite stooge
was Moe[ Moses harry horowitz] I also
liked Joe besser,because he was childish.