New: The M$ Internet Chair

I just posted the article New: The M$ Internet Chair….

Source: Yahoo Tech News

Ok what’s next… the internet chair!

Luxury armchair maker La-Z-Boy Inc. and software giant Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday officially launched a living room throne for the…

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let me gues it has several bugs and you have to buy updates

OK, I’m sorry. This is really a gimic for the guys who know what a computer is and know how to type e-mails on it but little else. All those rich flash gits with no clue about anything. For a start, Internet without download sucks, secondly people need to take a rest from technology, there is such a thing as OVERKILL!!!

Damn, next they’re going to invent a bed that lets you surf while you sleep or a relaxation clinic with computers running Windows that keep crashing.


Cool, I want one for my bithday!!!

this is stupid. like the keyboards with buttons to check your mail. i could get a pc for those prices (sure fairly basic).

pc in bed, you cant beat it