New TeRaX DvDRiPZz At WarezMaffia



2 New DvDRiPZz are now availible at:

The new additions are:
Tarzan (Disney Cartoon)

Conarq of TeRaX
-= Yeah, we rip'em=-


Blade??? I can’t find Blade on the list on the warezmaffia site…


They need to refresh that page


What do you mean with “refresh” ?

Again a new design or something?


No, i meant, that they have to update the page.

Sorry for the misunderstanding



TeRaX means the DVD Blade, and not the warezcd Blade, i guess that is the point you ppl loose the sight!

Greetz, and peaceout 4 TeRaX


Scarface, when I go to the TeRaX section I get this list:

-Southpark Bigger, Longer, Uncut, the movie - DVD rip
-Austin Powers II - DVD rip
-Replacement Killers - DVD rip
-Con Air -DVD rip
-The Blair Wich Project - DVD rip
-Starship Troopers DVD rip
-Deap Blue Sea -DVD rip
-The Enemy Of The State -DVD rip
-The Mummy -DVD rip
-The Haunting -DVD RIP
-The Negotiator -DVD rip
-American Pie -DVD rip (recommended cd, very good movie !, uncensorred version !
-Tarzan (Walt Disney Cartoon)
-Nothing Hill
-The MatriX

well… I don’t see Blade or any other new releases here… maybe you forgot to upload the new page?