New technology spells the end of free mp3s

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We have red book, orange book, yellow book that apply to cd-roms, cdr’s etc… Also white book that also applies to the above"for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction" The clock is running in nanoseconds.

WTF now i only buy music for a certain period of time. :r I i want my music to expire, i buy a CD and lay it in the sun… :4

‘has sent a wave of panic among the underground Internet file-swapping and ripping society’. Anyone else not crapping their pants? Or am I the only one who is yet to see an effective copy-protection for pretty much anything?

That area of us being scared is bullsh!t propaganda to make the average user seem like mp3 are going to die and they should move on to what the RIAA wants us to use… The watermark will be found and removed like everything else they have tried on us.

I agree with revive, I must have fell asleep onshore or something because this wave totally went by me and anyone I know totally unnoticed. lol. These idiots sure do like to chat their shit and make themselves sound like they have something that we give a shit about. This is BS. This can only be applied to mp3’s that people buy and who buys mp3’s?? FAGS!!

Just another pathetic ploy by the RIAA to send file sharing participants into a tizzy. Of course, the only people they have any kind of influence over are the sheeple who actually read & believe every bullsh*t piece of propaganda the bought & paid for by big bu$ine$$ liberal media churns out. Nice try, guys. You know that it’s just a matter of WHEN your anti-ripping code will be cracked moreso than IF.

Oh no, I’m swept away by the wave of panic! :wink:

Easy solution: Use Nero Wave Editor and cut off the beginning of the music where the watermark is, replace it with silence, rebuild *.wav file and convert to MP3! It took me a minute to figure it out and I’m only 13! These guys are losers…

<sarcasm> AHHH!!! IS THIS THE END! OH NO, NO MORE MP3S. GOD HELP US ALL</sarcasm> Hmm… like always, ten mintues after it is released, some cracker will already have it fixed.

thegreat682: “ten minutes after it is released,some cracker will already have it fixed.” Sometimes even before it is released!

The acoustic watermark is as fas as I understand a bunch of data embedded in a frequency that is inaudible to human ears. Picture watermark are hard to get rid off since there is no systematic technique to recognize them. Acoustic watermarks are probably easier to identify in a file (inaudible frequency) There are many techniques today developped to analyze and filter frequencies. The solutions to our problems is to write a program that reads music file and don’t give a damn about any expiry date (no interpretation of the audio watermark). It should filter out this frequency and save the music to a non-protected format. It can probably done since we are facing waves and not CPU interpreted code like with time protected shareware/demo. Btw, expiry dates have never been real problems to crackers, have they? :slight_smile:

I totally agree with the above msg, too write a new program to rip the cd and decode the file into an unprotected format, is only a matter of time :4 The world does not seem to comprehend that the hackers and crackers are the most intelligent guys that walk this planet, if you are reading this, the war rages on, but no matter what you throw at them, you have lost, so why bother wasting thousands of pounds on developing crap,when that money could be put to good use, such as giving us guys a million each so we can afford the price of yer nusic :d, omg we might even be able to afford a holiday after buying 10 cd’s whopee :7 Money grabbing B******s GrEeTz FrOm SoMeWhErE In The UK! :8

Haven’t we been hearing about so-called threats to mp3’s and burning for what 2 years or so and STILL nothing has been put out that so dude can’t break,this won’t be any different:d

I have what may be known as a stupid idea. Everyone knows that the software companies will probally just use this on MP3’s, so why not switch to a new (In my oppinion better, too) music format like ogg’s. The RIAA probally doesnt even know the existance of oggs at the moment, and when they find out about them we can undo whatever they do easily, since ogg’s are open source. We can reverse engineer any protection they put on it easily, or just make our own players that ignore it. Well, like I said, may be a stupid idea, but it will work.