New technology names that song

I just posted the article New technology names that song.

Gee I heard that song before and what is it’s name and who sings it?

"The technology allows you to retrieve, within seconds, not only a track’s title but also the artist and album. All that’s…

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so…this is going to stop piracy…HOW? if i hear a song on the radio, and i dont know what it is, i can use this service and download it. heh. not that i like whats on radios :r , but thats not the point. :8

Stop copyrighted material would be interesting. What about, this song A sounds similar for 2 seconds to song B… Ban it?

stop piracy? ha! this should help it! i here songs all the time that i want to download, but can’t do it if i don’t know the title. this technology could help me get titles so i can search for then in kazaa.

Omg. Will people actually want a mobile service like this? Come on. Just listen to the radio and you’ll hear the song over and over. Geezz… :r What some companies wont do to make a buck…

This is a total ploy to get us to use thier technology from a crappy cel phone microphone so they may*improve & tweak the technology - then they will totally use this against us by using thier tweaks to copy protect music - even in the Pc analog domain----