New technology injects ads when TV is turned on, channel switched



We’ve just posted the following news: New technology injects ads when TV is turned on, channel switched[newsimage][/newsimage]

The company Smartclip is currently testing system that shows TV commercials when the TV is turned on or when an user switches to another channel. The company is currently testing the technology at several TV stations in Germany.

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This should be exactly what consumers want from their brand new TVs! :rolleyes:


Ummm, don’t we already have commercials? Are these ads just supposed to stream/display during the show?


That’s what it sounds like. Also, when you change the channel, you get to finish watching that one obnoxious commercial you were trying to avoid in the first place.

PS: Somehow I doubt SmartClip will avoid collecting data about users. After all, the advertisers will probably demand that data, since it’s the only thing that will prevent the sky from falling (or so they will claim).

Also, SmatClip will likely be tempted to do what the NSA is doing now: claim it’s “just metadata” which “isn’t as bad a ‘data’”. Heck, I’ll bet they’re doing that now. They probably won’t sell this collected data until everyone forgets their claim to not use survailence on its paying customers.


What benefit would there be to the consumer? Would YOU buy that set unless it was deeply discounted? It seems like a bad idea for marketing… hey… by a screen that injects ads when you turn it on… no matter how fancy all the other features are… to get crapped on when you turn it on, is an ultimate time waster.


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